Hackmanite from Afghanistan

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buy hackmanite

Custom made rare hackmanite pendulums available. One of a kind crystal.. Changes color in sunlight. Reacts well under blacklight. Hackmanite helps grant one access to their crown chakra while enhancing their mental capabilities. One will be able to see the strength that the human mind possesses, which can lead them to the gateway of higher […]

Meditation Exercise (Psychic Energy)

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Use the 3 cards below to test and strengthen your psychic connection. This is an exercise we use when learning pendulums, but it can be used for learning to read your subconscious mind and messages from your guides/goddess. Depending on how you see it, it’s all the same process. Meditate on the card you are […]

Coronavirus Thoughts & Info

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Coronavirus has temporarily changed the way we live. With this new corona virus disrupting our daily lives and turning things upside down, we could all use some peace. I wanted to do an article on a few things that may help during the self quarantine and boost your immune system in an effort to prevent […]

New Wiccan Tips – Wicca

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I wanted to throw together a quick article with some suggested new wiccan tips. This article in particular is my personal opinion, and some of these were the new wiccan tips or suggestions handed down to me. This is in no way something that is the same all throughout Wicca. The reason I write this […]

What is Wicca?

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What is Wicca is the question being asked today by a new wave of seekers. Much like the 1990s, we are seeing an explosion of people coming to the Wicca & Witchcraft scene. Some just curious, some thinking Witchcraft is something more of what they see in the movies, and some with an open mind […]

Wicca & Witchcraft as one Idea?

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Wicca & Witchcraft as one idea? Last night I was reading something in some of the online wicca forums that made me think about this question a bit hard. Nearly everything we see now days groups the two of these together (Wicca & Witchcraft). Mostly study groups, beginner groups and online networking groups. But can […]

What is Each Crystal Used For in Wicca?

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rose quartz stone

Most popular Crystals in Wicca. What is Each Crystal Used For? These crystals are used for Rituals, Grounding, and Power. Clear quartz is versatile and good for protection, healing, and clarity. Rose quartz can be used to promote love and romance, and it also helps with anxiety and depression. Amethyst is a protective stone and […]

Funny Memes for Adults

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Funny Memes are one of the Internets greatest inventions. We have created a Facebook group for sharing your inappropriate funny memes. This meme group is unfiltered and has some of the best funny memes. We are a group of adult who post memes everyday. Come share your funny memes with us. Also browse some of […]