Pendulums for beginners part 2, an advanced pendulum guide. This is the second addition to our article we wrote on pendulums for beginners. In this article we will discuss reading pendulum maps and charts. By now you should be well aware of how a pendulum works, and comfortable reading it. You should be able to know your pendulum movements when you see them. You should be able to get the correct answer to our card exercise 3 out of every 5 times. If any of this is not true, please go back and review our pendulums for beginners guide. Seriously, go back and get up to speed.

Learning to use a pendulum with the card exercise. Make sure to read the first part of our guide on how to use a pendulum. You can click here for Part 1

First, lets backtrack some. As we know from the previous pendulum guide, we know the basics of a pendulum. We know what it is and technically how it works. But still, where does the pendulum answers come from? There is 2 ways we can explain this. In the matter of subconscious mind or relating to Gods/Goddesses. Both answers are basically the same answer.

But, Short version is that the answers you get on a pendulum are coming from your subconscious mind. Think of it as being connected to everything, in all forms, past-present-future. Your subconscious mind has lived many lifetimes. Therefore if we connect to it by meditating or being in a relaxed state, we can channel information from it using our pendulum as a tool for translation.

It is very important to understand the pendulum does not have a mind of its own. The answers are not coming from within the pendulum itself. The pendulum is only a tool, an extension of us, that we use to channel energy in one form or another. Its just like any hammer, screwdriver, drill or even curling iron. It is designed to help us get answers as easy as possible. A gemstone pendulum is enhanced by the characteristics of the stone it is made from. For the best energy flow brass or copper is used to maximize flow.

how do i use my pendulum
Pendulum Chart

Pendulum Chart.

Make a pendulum chart like the one above. Make it big enough so that there is at least enough space to fit one quarter in between each number.

Suspend the pendulum from your firmly supported fingers. Let the chain
drape over the forefinger and be held in place with the thumb. Have a list of questions ready and ask the pendulum for a yes/no or a number in reply to each question. The numbers can be a probability—a number of days, weeks, months, or years—or any other number appropriate to the question. If you are map dowsing for water or other treasure, ask for such things as map coordinates. The swing of the device over the chart indicates the numbers you seek. If the pendulum swings erratically, find a firmer support for your hand. If it hangs straight down and refuses to answer, it’s telling you there’s an easier and more sure way to get this question answered, or it’s saying, “Don’t waste my time with this stuff.”

You can take the above method and use it for locating things to. Do you have a lost item, a lost pet? We will again use the same chart, only this time we will add 4 more sections (just like the numbers) on the bottom for North, South, East, West. We will use these by asking the tool what direction from you the item is. When you get a direction, then just ask the pendulum how far (in miles or feet). Example: How many feet to the west?

Another popular way of using your pendulum may be flash cards. Just like our card exercises from the first article on learning how to use a pendulum. We make some flash cards…. Say you are looking for a name of a specific person. Just write the name on a separate flash card, face them all down, then place them face down in a large circle. Put the pendulum in the center, after seeing your movement pattern ask it to reveal the name. It will point out one card. That is your answer.

Anytime our connection is not good enough for clear answers, our pendulum may go erratic, or not give correct answers.. When this happens, just stop what you are doing and put the pendulum down for a good 5 to 20 minutes, then restart. Sometimes we just have to reconnect.

Things to remember Always restart after every question. Ask to see your movement pattern once again then move along to question. If your movement pattern isn’t strong, try again.

Pendulum Mat for finding lost things in my home. (Pendulum Chart/Map)

When you are predicting as a solitary for yourself, little or no ethics are
involved; but when you predict for someone else who is in trouble and has a real need to know, then ethics do rear their head. We do not suggest that you should always give a sweetness-and-light prediction, especially when you foresee some disaster occurring; however, you should work with the subject, gently introducing the possibility of a disaster, though not making it too definite. Remember if you make it a very definite outcome, you may change the future so that the prediction comes to pass. If you lighten it up, though still making the subject aware of the possibility, it may be possible (with the aid of a little magic) to avoid the most painful consequences.
Prediction works. How it works in reality remains an open question.

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