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I wanted to throw together a quick article with some suggested new wiccan tips. This article in particular is my personal opinion, and some of these were the new wiccan tips or suggestions handed down to me. This is in no way something that is the same all throughout Wicca.

The reason I write this today is due to all the stuff we see online today. We see new people coming in because they want to curse their ex. We see people getting involved so they can sell spells. We see people watching movies such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and coming to wicca because of it. No respect for the religion, just want a little hocus pocus.

As you may already know, Wicca is made up of many Traditions or sects. Each tradition has its own ways. Some differ than others. And now days we have a huge group of eclectic wiccans. When i post new wiccan tips, i post it under my own ideas. Those ideas I have from my own wicca tradition and experiences.

In my eyes, Here are some idea qualities of True Wiccans. These are the things that will make you a great Wiccan. These are the things I look for before i decide to be a mentor:

  • Be in good moral character. This is something that is a must. We all do things sometimes that we wish we didnt. But the difference is that we as Wiccans, accept responsibility for our actions, do what needs to be done to fix it. Those that don’t have the want or ability to fix mistakes, should work on their selves when coming in to Wicca.
  • Have patience. Spells take time to work. Karma takes time to work. Us growing as a Wiccan takes time. Those that can not wait and cut corners are reckless and will suffer more negative karma than good.
  • Be True to Your word to the best of your ability.
  • Believe in some form of higher power. The explanations will come later. But you must believe (or open to believe) that there is some form of something that is more than us.
  • Do not intend to Harm anyone in spellwork/Magick but also in daily life. This goes for emotional harm and physical harm. This is a MUST.
  • Believe that in this life or another, what is sent out comes back to you. Sometimes times 3.
  • Do not proselytize. We do not have a need to preach and convert people into Wicca. Our path is a personal one of growth for our selves and the goddess. It serves us no purpose to recruit. We do not wish to be portrayed as the Christians are by forcing our ways onto someone else.
  • Wicca is not a trend, not a stylish thing. If this is the reasons you have came this way then we hope you actually study what wicca is. Learn the Traditions, then decide if you want to be Wiccan.
  • Dedicate yourself to a year of studying from verified sources before deciding to become Wiccan. Practice no magick, unless it is part of the study. Remember, patience is a virtue.
  • Never take money for spellwork or things like Tarot, Spells, Pendulum, Teaching.. You may however charge a reasonable fee to recover any costs associated with Teaching etc. But we are not a traveling circus act, and we do not do as the Christians do selling miracles for the price of a new car. A version of this was mentioned in Gerald Gardner’s “Laws of Wicca”.
  • Never attempt to teach before you have reached your year of study. Even then it is recommended that you wait until your are the close or equivalent of 3rd (3 years of study) before you teach others. It’s not a must, it is just a suggestion to keep misinformation low.
  • Learn the full Wiccan Rede poem and follow it to the best of your ability. I find learning it by heart will help you in daily life, as verses come to head during certain situations.
  • Speak Little and Listen Much

Also here is a little bit of helpful information on Wiccan etiquette.

Never refer to a male Wiccan as a Warlock or even worse, a wizard! Its rude, it’s a Hollywood label and it screams that the person mentioning it isn’t Wiccan at all and hasn’t done much research. Both male and female Wiccans are called “Witches”.

Your altar (when the time comes to make an altar) is a personal space. What we Wiccans do, we do in private. Your altar is a private safe space. It is not decoration or a trendy subject. To keep everything clean from outside energies, don’t let anyone in your altar area, don’t let any others touch your altar items. It is not a show and compare for social media..

Your tools; As we learn in Wicca, we learn there is a form of energy in everything. That energy can be manipulated and directed into objects. Our tools become “charged” with our own energy from the constant use. You should never let another person use your tools. You never know someones true intentions, it could leave a negative type energy just waiting to explode in to your life.

When you meet other Witches, keep it private. It is disrespectful to out someone. Most of us live daily lives that require what we do to be in private.

Thank you for checking out this article on New Wiccan Tips! Make sure to check out our store while your here. We carry over 7,000 products, all handmade witchcraft supplies.

Jason Mclelland – Lifelong Wiccan (Celtic Tradition)

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