The purpose of this spell is to return negative energy upon the person sending it to you. This isn’t necessarily for a “magickal” attack. It can be used for any person that brings unwanted negative energy into your life. This could be someone you live with who is constantly complaining or angry. It could also be a friend who you care about deeply, but you know they are dragging you down with their negativity (see also a banishment spell or a binding spell). For this spell, I will provide a list of what you need, the purpose of each tool, and an incantation. Feel free to adjust this spell however you feel to be more effective.

For this spell you will be calling upon each of the four elements to help cleanse yourself. Included are different representatives of each element (feel free to change them for whatever you prefer).
This spell should be done at night beneath a new or waning moon.

What You’ll Need:
– Three Black Candles (to absorb negative energy)
– Three White Candles (to replace the negative with harmony and peace)
– Thyme (to purify)
– A bowl of salt water (to cleanse)
– Rosemary incense (to purify)
– Amethyst (to protect against psychic attacks)

Casting Your Spell:
1. Some practitioners prefer to cast a circle and cleanse the area with sage before spell work. If you do this, remember to follow the guidelines of what clothing types to wear for the best energy flow.
2. Place the six candles in a rather large circle (large enough to sit in) while alternating the colors (black, white, black, white, etc.). Light them and sit yourself in the middle of the circle.
3. Recite the following incantation:

“Sender of energy I return unto thee,
This dark force you have bestowed upon me.
Within this circle, on this night I do call,
On the Element of Water to wash away it all.
O Element of Fire I burn for you this Thyme
To return something that was never originally mine.
Element of Wind I summon ye tonight,
to cast aside the darkness out of mind and out of sight.
Element of Earth, I invoke thee here with me,
To rid this place of all negative energy
So Mote it Be’

4. As you call for each element you must do the following:
– Water: sprinkle salt water on your head or cleanse your hands within the bowl
– Fire: over an open flame, sprinkle a small amount of Thyme and let it burn
– Air: light the rosemary incense
– Earth: hold the amethyst between your hands.
5. If you cast a circle, don’t forget to close it.

Once you finish, use our 7 day reverse spell candle (or one like it) and let it burn an hour a day for 7 days.

Thank any spirits or deities you may have called upon during this spell.

This candle comes in a clear glass jar 8 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ with a single wick, it is filled to allow for melted wax to gather at the top on the initial lighting. It comes with graphics on the front designed to reinforce the intent of sending harm back to the ill-wisher. It comes in two color layers Red on top and Black on the bottom. Please allow for some color mixing between the layers. It will burn continuously for 5-7 days. USA, LLC
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