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Mystery Pendulum Box w/ Pendulum Board- crystal pendulum – HIGH QUALITY & RARE Divination Tool – Witchcraft – Wicca – Pagan – Dowsing

(25 customer reviews)



Rare & High Quality Mystery Pendulum, Made from authentic crystals. Pendulumking pendulums are made to perform. I make these specifically for effective Pendulum dowsing, for healing, for getting in touch with past life, for mapping, and for every day use. These pendulums are made to perform and to last. This custom made pendulum is designed to last a lifetime.

This is a mystery listing for some of our higher quality crystals. The material used in these is harder to get, more expensive and sometimes lesser known. We also sometimes use more expensive charm additions such as opals, sapphires, moldavite etc. You will recieve 1 high quality pendulum intuitively chosen by meditation (unless otherwise selected) and 1 box chosen to best fit your pendulum.

UPDATE** I have added options to choose from a few box designs and a Pendulum board design if you want. If the box option you want isn’t in the menu, then it will be a box chosen by us to best fit your pendulum.

We can engrave the details of your stone, and its creation date along with any info you want on the inside lid of your box. For this option, please choose “Details in Box”. You also may choose to have your box engraved with a pendulum board or chart on top. To do this, select “Board on Box”. To get the pendulum board, you must choose “Board on Box”.

In this listing I will create a hand made pendulum just for you. You will receive one hand made high quality pendulum out of authentic crystals. You will also receive a small chest selected to fit the unique pendulum. The box selected will vary depending on what I have in stock at the moment and what charms are used on the pendulum. For instance I like to include a pentacle box if the pendulum is pentacle charmed, or Triquetra box for a Triquetra charm..etc..

ALSO.. I have over 65 stone choices on hand. However, most come and go within availability changes. There are some in the choices that you can choose,, however if it isn’t in the choice menu I can not guarantee I have it.. please choose “Choose for me” if you don’t see a stone in the drop menu that you want.

I can include a digital certificate of authenticity by email if requested, verifying the date made, the moon phase and the stone used. I can guarantee the authenticity of each stone and that it is an ethically sourced crystal. For this, you must message me AFTER receiving your pendulum. We keep a database of every pendulum created.

I am a lifelong Wiccan Traditionalist who has a focus in divination. Let me create a unique pendulum just for you by meditating and consulting my guides. All orders will be created within 48 hours of ordering.

This is a perfect choice for those that want a powerful hand crafted pendulum.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm
Crystal Choice

Amazonite, Amethyst, Black Moonstone, Blue Quartz, Bumblebee, Choose for Me, Clear Quartz, Dino Bone, Emerald, Graveyard Plume, Mookaite, Mystic Merlinite, Obsidian, Ocean Jasper, Pink FeildsparQuartz, Purple Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, Ruby Fuschite, Ruby Kyanite, Ruby Zoisite, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite, Tanzurine Quartz, Yellow Aragonite

Box Design

Board on Box, Details In Box, No box, No Preference

25 reviews for Mystery Pendulum Box w/ Pendulum Board- crystal pendulum – HIGH QUALITY & RARE Divination Tool – Witchcraft – Wicca – Pagan – Dowsing

  1. Megan Long

    Shipping was really fast and this pendulum is STUNNING with amazing energy!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and full of great energy as well as fantastic quality!!! I would highly recommend this to others!!!

  2. Dustin Berry

    Fantastic work, excellent shipping and this pendulum is absolutely A1. I highly recommend this seller, I’ll be surprised if I ever end up needing to buy another pendulum again.

  3. Shelbi Bandy

    Review has no content.

  4. Gina

    It was beautiful. I could not ask for more from the pendulum to the mystery box choice. I will be purchasing from this store again!

  5. Jacque Meier

    The pendulum is of amazing quality and I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you!!

  6. Megan Long

    This pendulum is beyond beautiful!!!! It’s stunning in regular light and then under a black light it changes completely to this crazy beautiful pendulum that I can’t even put into words! I’m so grateful that I got the Dino Bone pendulum and I HIGHLY recommend getting crystals or pendulums from this shop because the quality really can’t be beat. I keep going back time and time again. ?

  7. Chrissy C

    I absolutely love my new pendulum it was exactly what i needed and its very well made

  8. Bree Candler

    This an absolutely amazing item! so beautiful and rare! Matches me perfectly. I will be recommending to everyone! One heart, One song!

  9. Destiany Ledbetter

    Oh my gosh, the pendulum and box that came in are both absolutely beautiful. This is the third time I have ordered from this shop and I'm extremely happy with my purchase everytime. I don't think I can buy a pendulum from any other shop except this one, all their crystals and products just are too good.

  10. dancerchick14900

    This pendulum was stunning. I use oracle cards typically and had no experience with pendulums, the minute i opened the box I was floored with its energy. The box is also absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Stargazer Lake

    Pink Feldspar Quartz pendulum & box:
    I am extremely pleased with this purchase. Pendulum & box is well crafted. Package arrived quickly, clear of negativity & energetically charged up. Love the Triquetra on the treasure box & pendulum chain.

  12. aoi

    Fantastic work! Thank you so much!
    It arrived safely across the Pacific Ocean.

    Crystal Choice: Amethyst

  13. Julie Gauldin

    I am absolutely thrilled with my mystery pendulum!! I received Black Jade and it’s beautiful! The little box it came in makes it that much more special!! ❤️

  14. Kelsey Graham

    I am IN LOVE with the pendulum I received! I had them intuitively pick mine and it’s GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to start working with it.

  15. A V

    Review has no content.

  16. Pamela Williams

    This piece is absolutely beautiful! I was able to give requests and the seller was so easy to work with. I've been feeling like I'm missing a piece and then this amazing piece showed up. I'm so grateful. thank you!

  17. Amber Moran

    Beautiful black obsidian pendulum. Works great! 🙂

  18. Alana Roman

    LOVE!!! Would buy from seller again. Box was well made and the obsidian stone made sense to get.

  19. Mica Jones

    Review has no content.

  20. Jennie Schneider-Jimenez

    Wow. I feel like a repeat of most of the reviews when I say the shop owner sent me exactly what I needed! I love the mystery pendulum idea, as I didn't know which crystal to choose. The shop owner sent Rainbow Obsidian, and this beautiful stone couldn't be more perfect for me! I'm finishing my degree in mental health therapy and am fascinated with the idea of pendulum healing. Well, this stone facilitates "a purposeful search of our psyche to find the root causes of emotional traumas and distresses" – how can this be any more perfect!! Even the Viking Rune charm suits me so well as I love Nordic culture. So beyond grateful!

  21. AmberEarth Kennedy

    Wonderful to work with! Super responsive and was open to changing things last second! Highly recommend!

  22. Joy Kristina

    The shipping delay was not on the sellar but it took much longer to arrive than anticipated. It was all in divine timing because my cousin loved her gift. She could feel it calling her when it actually got to her place. I can’t wait to order my own with PK!! ?✨

  23. Masa T

    This was for my friend and she loved it!

  24. Ms. Erin P

    They chose the perfect stone, pendant and box for me! ?

  25. Amanda

    Wow, I love the pendulum that was chosen for me, rainbow obsidian. I’ve never owned this type of stone before and it is just what I needed. The tree of life design on the box is perfect as well! This is my first pendulum, and I must say it feels very powerful. Very pleased with this pendulum and would totally recommend this shop and seller. Thanks so much for this beautiful work! ???

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