Meditation Exercise (Psychic Energy)

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Use the 3 cards below to test and strengthen your psychic connection. This is an exercise we use when learning pendulums, but it can be used for learning to read your subconscious mind and messages from your guides/goddess. Depending on how you see it, it’s all the same process. Meditate on the card you are […]

New Wiccan Tips – Wicca

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I wanted to throw together a quick article with some suggested new wiccan tips. This article in particular is my personal opinion, and some of these were the new wiccan tips or suggestions handed down to me. This is in no way something that is the same all throughout Wicca. The reason I write this […]


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tarot cards

“Sender of energy I return unto thee,
This dark force you have bestowed upon me.
Within this circle, on this night I do call,
On the Element of Water to wash away it all.
O Element of Fire I burn for you this Thyme
To return something that was never originally mine.
Element of Wind I summon ye tonight,
to cast aside the darkness out of mind and out of sight.
Element of Earth, I invoke thee here with me,
To rid this place of all negative energy
So Mote it Be’

Wiccan Rede – Complete Long Version

wiccan rede

Bide within the Law you must, in perfect Love and perfect Trust. Live you must and let to live, fairly take and fairly give. For tread the Circle thrice about to keep unwelcome spirits out. To bind the spell well every time, let the spell be said in rhyme. Light of eye and soft of touch, speak you little, listen much. Honor the Old Ones in deed and name, let love and light be our guides again.

Learn How To Use A Pendulum – Pendulums for Beginners Guide


How To Use A Pendulum – To get started, we will hold our pendulum with the tip of our index finger and thumb. To be clear, we are holding the chain (or string) that holds the pendulum just a couple of inches down from opposite end of string. Let the excess string lay in the cup of your hand. Now extend your arm holding the pendulum out about a foot or so in front of your chest. Your hand should be just about lined up with center of your chest about a foot or 2 in front of it.