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Mugwort * Herbs for Spells * Witchcraft Supplies * 5 grambags


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Mugwort for spellwork or Witchcraft supplies. Individually bagged herbs. These are 5 gram bags.

Metaphysical properties of mugwort:

Astral travel: Create a charm pendant with dried mugwort and resin to wear when performing astral travel.

Clairvoyance: Carry a piece of the dried herb on you at all times to increase your natural clairvoyant abilities.

Energy work: Use a branch of this plant to move energy around a space before and after energy healing or Reiki.

Intuition: Drink a tea made of this, black tea leaves, and chamomile to increase your natural intuitive powers.

Moon magick: Steep this herb in your moon water to add additional energy to your esbat ritual.

Perception: Anoint an eye amulet with the oil or tea made from this plant to increase your ability to notice small but important details.

Prophetic dreams: Tuck it into your pillow or create an eye pillow filled with the herb plus lavender to bring on psychic dreams.

Protection: Hang a bunch of this dried herb above your doors to protect your home or business from harmful people and energy.

Psychic abilities: Drink a tea made from this herb to heighten your ability to see the unknown. Additionally, wash your crystal ball or mirrors in a wash made from the leaves and stems.

Psychic protection: Burn this incense or place a bit of the dried herb onto a lit charcoal tablet to purify and protect your space from psychic and energetic attacks.

Remote viewing: Make and drink a tea before doing remote viewing to help enhance your psychic vision.

Wisdom: Meditate and journey to meet this plant’s Deva. Once there, ask what you need to learn from it. Accept any gifts and thank it before returning to your own realm.


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