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Tourmaline Quartz Pendulum & Box set * Quartz w/ Tourmaline * Dowsing * Pendulums * Wicca * Witchcraft * Dowsing

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Smokey Tourmalated Quartz hand made on order. I cut, shape and polish each and every pendulum myself. I can guarantee 100% authentic Tourmalated quartz. This smokey quartz with black tourmaline was mined in Zambia.

You will also receive a chest selected to fit the pendulum. The box selected will vary depending on what I have in stock at the moment and what charms are used on the pendulum. For instance I like to include a pentacle box if the pendulum is pentacle charmed, or Triquetra box for a Triquetra charm..etc..

I can include a digital certificate of authenticity by email if requested, verifying the date made, the moon phase and the stone used. I can guarantee the authenticity of each stone and that it is an ethically sourced crystal.

I am a lifelong Wiccan Traditionalist who has a focus in divination. Let me create a unique pendulum just for you by meditating and consulting my guides. All orders will be created within 48 hours of ordering.

This is a perfect choice for those that want a powerful hand crafted pendulum.

General info and How to care for your pendulum:

Your pendulum is designed in the teardrop shape so that it has less weak points than an average store bought pendulum. Average pendulums some times break easy, the tips especially. Yours is designed so that the neck is fatter and the tip is smaller, so that accidental drops rarely end in breaks.

The screw tops are put on with epoxy 330 and let to sit 24 to 48 hours before shipping. This makes for a sturdy top that will not pull off without serious force.

The chains are designed to be held just under your end charm, this gives you a direct hold on the pendulum chain for a more connected energy flow.

2 reviews for Tourmaline Quartz Pendulum & Box set * Quartz w/ Tourmaline * Dowsing * Pendulums * Wicca * Witchcraft * Dowsing

  1. shannawillis

    beautiful, exactly as expected, fast delivery

  2. Murielle

    Very beautiful tourmalated quartz pendulum.
    Excellent communication, very careful packaging, thank you very much.

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