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Metaphysical Shop in Onalaska Texas

Witch’s Brew Metaphysical

Based in the city of Onalaska Texas, we are rooted on Lake Livingston, in the heart of Polk County. At this time we are Online only.

We are an online metaphysical store out of Onalaska Texas. We specialize in high quality, custom made, hand crafted pendulums & witchcraft supplies. We occasionally share easy to use tools for things like crystals & spells along with beginner guides.

Looking for a custom made pendulum? Pendulumking sells hand carved custom made pendulums created for the serious user. I carve each pendulum out of authentic crystals. I can tell you the moon phase your pendulum was created on along with where the crystal was mined.

These are authentic pendulums, used by real Witches, Wiccans & Pagans around the world. I stand behind my pendulums 100%. These are made to out perform any other pendulum.. not just a pretty stone. Making it a powerful tool for those that learn to use it.

If you have a social media following or are a youtuber and would like to review a pendulum. Please contact me, I would be happy to send you one at no cost. Just email me at .

A little bit about me: I am a lifelong Wiccan (Traditionalist) and divination (Primarily dowsing) has always been my primary skillset since my first initiation 25 years ago. I was a student for at least 6 years before my initiation. It was then when i realized divination was something that was meant for me. I studied with a one on one mentor for years and then enrolled in the Church / School of Wicca to dig in even deeper. Not just in general studies, but in Divination particularly.
custom made pendulum

I use pendulums in every day life. Not only simple yes/no readings, but advanced charting & mapping, communication, healing & directing energy and many other uses. If i have a lost item, i pull out my pendulum and make a map to locate the item.

Because of the years of focus on pendulum readings i thought it would be a good fit to start making pendulums for the serious user. I am what you call a purest in my practice, especially with stones..i avoid energy blockers (certain metals, plastics, resin, glass etc) and this is what i usually see in store bought pendulums. Most of what is sold online can not be authenticated, the stone is usually a lab made stone or a smelted stone..sometimes its glass etc. I have also noticed almost all of what is labeled “custom made pendulums’ is just some beaded store bought stone with charms, made to look pretty but would never work as an authentic pendulum. For this reason i wanted to bring an authentic pendulum experience for those interested in a new pendulum.

All of my custom made pendulums are made with high quality stone…on 9 inches of chain free of energy disruptions from end of chain to tip of pendulum. They are also much heavier than store bought pendulums which give a stronger reading. The shape is also idea for the pendulum to be used for multiple purposes. The tear drop design is actually a more solid pendulum, it protects from drops and this style takes away the thin weak points like the bottom of a standard pendulum..

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Who we are, What we support & What we carry

  • We are Wiccan Owned, by shopping with us you buy authentic witchcraft supplies from Lifelong witches..
  • We support our Pagan Community, Our Online Coven, by giving back to the community via contests, free readings, info and Wicca lessons when we can.
  • We carry only ethically sourced herbs and crystals.
  • We keep our products affordable, only profiting enough to maintain our business, while giving you the ability to buy authentic and quality at an affordable cost.
  • Our High Quality pendulums are made specifically for serious metaphysical use. These are designed not to just look pretty, but to work! We offer these as our commitment to the witchcraft and divination community.

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