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Dream Interpretation can be difficult. We can help you find out what your dream means. Use this form to interpret your dream free. If you are happy with our online dream interpretation, then please feel free to share this page with your friends that may ask their selves “What does my dream mean?”.

We classify dreams in several categories. Subconscious desires, Conscious Desires, Fears/Stress/Worries, Conscious/Subconscious Memories and Dream Divination (dreams that predict the future). We use a unique Traditional Wiccan approach to interpret.

By using the info you provide below about your dream, we will attempt to classify yours in one of these categories. We will also attempt to interpret, relaying the meaning of your dream from the information you provide.

Please fill out this info as complete as possible. Not only do we need to know the dream, we need to know what you felt and when you felt it. Not only that, but we need context, so we need any background information on you that may help to explain.

Please select a valid form

A bit about us, with a lifetime of Traditional Wicca involvement and a 1990’s graduate of the Church and School of Wicca, Dream Divination has always been our primary study. Proficient in Dream Divination, Dowsing (Pendulums & More), Traditional Wicca History & more. It is our duty to attempt to help others, by using the tools at our disposal without charge.

We also offer Pendulum readings for free. Check those out by going here.