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Free Natal Chart (Birth Chart – Astrology)

A natal chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born. In essence, at the moment of your first breath is when you come into accord with the energies of the universe. That remains fixed throughout your lifetime.

The absolute first thing you need are the following three pieces of information:

  1. Birth date
  2. Birth place
  3. Birth time (to the minute)

Most birth certificates have this on record. If you don’t have your birth certificate on hand, call the state or country of your birth and request that a copy be sent. It is very important to get this information as accurately as possible, as the difference of a few degrees in latitude or a few minutes of time can make all the difference in our natal chart.

Most people know their birth date and place. If you absolutely do not know your birth time, it is still possible to plot your natal chart, but it will be missing key pieces of information. In this case, you will not know your rising sign, which is one of the three main pieces we learn in this book, but also, our rising sign is one of the three main components of understanding who we are, along with our sun and our moon.

You now have the power of the stars in your hands! This natal chart is like your energetic DNA. Learning how to decode it shows your tendencies, habits, patterns and potential. With this chart, you see where you express the low side of your energetic potential, and how you then need to move toward expressing the high side. Within this chart lies the clues of your history, your destiny and everything in between. Use this knowledge to empower yourself to life your best life to the fullest expression of your astrological potential!


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