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Polk County Pagan Market – Nov 12th Event

pagan market livingston texas

The November Pagan Market in Livingston Texas was a hit! Thank you to all that came out to Pedigo Park and joined our first public Pagan Gathering in East Texas. Hundreds of Pagans. Wiccans and other like-minded individuals gathered for the first time..peacefully and successfully. I am updating this page with pictures and videos from the last pagan market in Livingston Texas.

Vendor application for the next Pagan Market is up. Please visit

Pagan Market Livingston Texas UPDATE

We did have 2 separate group of Protestors off the property down the road with signs, bullhorn and attempted to wave cars down coming in. A christian radical group calling their-selves Laborers of Christ assembled by various people that was handing out material from Candlestick Baptist Church in Spring Texas. The group was led by Pastor Mark Herridge, David Driscoll, Josh Herridge, Jesse Hermes and others. In a public Facebook post, Mark Herridge made a post saying that there was only one church out to protest, their church, Lighthouse Pentecostal Church out of Livingston Texas. In the post he proclaimed that local area churches needed to line the quarter mile stretch to the next market, shoulder to shoulder. David Driscoll also made a public comment in reply to me directly stating that they would in fact be back for the February 4th event. David made several public posts with live streams from the pagan market, yet later went back and removed all. Upon digging, this group seems to be full time protestors. Protesting festivals such as the Catfish Festival in Conroe and many LGBTQ events.

Also another small group from Goodrich Baptist Church peacefully set up further down the road. Below I shared a video that was uploaded to youtube by the group of protestors. These groups spent hours attempting to harass the market visitors. The video below is from the group’s youtube page that as of 11-16-2022 showed that it belonged to Denise Driscoll (Channel link here, we also have clips taken by us that we will add that show our view. These have been added to our Facebook page. *Since 11:30 am on 11-21-22, the group has removed the youtube videos or made them private.

For all things Polk County Pagan Market market related, not specific to vendor info.. Please watch and follow our Facebook page at All official news and info is posted there publicly.

All Vendor Spots are filled. No longer accepting apps for this event.

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Check out this Washington Post article that mentions our upcoming market.

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