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LARGE Pendulum Board * Divination Tool * Dowsing * 12 inch* Witchcraft Supplies * Made to Order

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A Pendulum Board a great addition to any witchcraft supplies. This is a perfect way of mapping actual letters and numbers using your divination tool (such as a pendulum). Dowsing with a pendulum board opens up so many possibilities. This is a Large pendulum board. **Its the same listing as our other, only this board is the size of a large pizza from your favorite take out place.**

Because everyone yes or no movements are different (see our explanation in the description of our mystery pendulum listing), a premade board board with yes or no usually doesn’t work well.. in this case, you are welcome to message us with your movement pattern so that we can place the yes and no in the correct directions. If so, please choose custom Y/N Placements under “Type” in the drop down menu. I have added an explanation of how to get your Yes/No movements at the end of this description.

These boards are great for finding letters, numbers, directions and such. So we have added boards with just the alphabet for easy use.. you may choose one of these or a premade pendulum board with yes or no already in place.

These are custom made so you can choose what theme you want from the drop down menu in the listing.

I personally have never been a fan of premade pendulum boards. Reason why is because everyone’s movements when using a pendulum for dowsing is different. Where my Y/N is in an X like pattern..some are circle patterns, some are left to right and so on. So I thought for a long time on how to offer a board that I feel like would work for every person. By offering custom yes/no placements, I feel like I have done that. At the same time I am offering a board that no one else offers.

To get your Yes/No movements: use your pendulum like you would normally do, relax, breathe, focus, then hold your pendulum as you normally would.. Ask “Show me my Yes”. Watch the movements, Now ask “Show me my movement pattern”. This is basically a movement indicating your pendulum is ready and in Idle. Mine is a clockwise circle.
Now ask “Show me my No”. Always make sure to go to “Show me my movement pattern” in between questions.

The direction your pendulum swings on each question is your movements. Make sure to repeat these steps several times so you are sure of your movement patterns. Those will likely never change for you ( sometimes they do over the years, but rarely).

Please free free to message me with any questions!!

Additional information

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 cm

Chakra, Choose for me, Moon, Owl, Pentacle, Sun, Sun with Thebian, Theban, Tree of life, Triple Moon, Triquetra


Birchwood, magick

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