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Mystery Crystal *Cabs * Rare Metaphysical Crystals and More *

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Mystery Crystal cab bag. This listing contains at least 3 polished cabs from different authentic crystals. This will sometimes include rare crystals like opal, malachite, larimar, dinosaur bone and more.

Some crystals may be ring size, pendant size or palm stone size. This is a great affordable option for metaphysical crystals or just for a collector of different crystal cabs.
Shapes and sizes will vary. But if you have a specific shape request just let us know and we will attempt to match it. All crystals are shaped and polished on order.

This mystery crystal kit is made up of our offcuts and left overs from making pendulums. Once we cut a pendulum out of a stone, We polish the remaining crystals into cabs. This gives a great affordable option for a few cabs worth anywhere from $10 to $20 per cab (sometimes more).

4 reviews for Mystery Crystal *Cabs * Rare Metaphysical Crystals and More *

  1. Tiffany Farr

    These crystals and stones I received were amazing with the meanings behind them and beautiful quality and colors! On point! Thanks again.

  2. Ashley Williams

    Review has no content.

  3. Nova Leigh Walker

    An absolutely stunning collection, I love the feel of these cabochons and palm stones in my hands. This artist goes through a lot to develop some of the most beautiful cabochon presentations I have seen. I love that some are not totally flat on the back and would work great with basket necklaces created for stones. Each stone came labeled which is really helpful for those who are new to stones and crystals! It makes it easy to look them up and find out their meaning metaphysically! Worth the wait for such perfection!

  4. Karissa Rafael

    I requested certain stones to help aid in the parts of my life I feel are needed. Each Stone is perfect. I also purchased a package for my children…and man was it dead on!!! Once again, happy with my purchases.

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