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Mystery Crystal Box – Metaphysical Crystals Box – Raw Crystals

(24 customer reviews)


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Crystal mystery box. Raw crystals. You will receive authentic rough crystals intuitively chosen.

Each package will contain at least face value and likely much more. On most packages the retail value will range between $75 and $150 and up. Your package could include between 3 and 8 pieces. Every package includes 1 piece of selenite or satin spar. Packages with less amount of pieces will contain more expensive pieces. If you have a preference of less pieces (worth more) vs more pieces, please let me know in order comments.

The photos are examples of whats available. Each package contents will vary.

Some of the stones currently going in order:
Libyan Desert Glass
Yellow phantom selenite
Blue Amber
Dominican Amber
Austrailian Opal
Rose Quartz
Clear Quartz points
Lavender Spirit quartz
Ametrine spirit quartz
Hematite clusters
Cobalt calcite
Dark Amethyst clusters
Ruby in Kyanite
Ruby Zoisite
Witch Fingers
Fairy Quartz
Garden Quartz
Clear Quartz
Raw Amethyst

And much much more.

If you are a crystal lover this is a perfect start for your collection. A note will be included labeling each stone.

We only buy directly from miners. So every crystal we carry is ethically sourced crystals. We can tell you the location mined.

All authentic crystals with no treatments such as stabilization or repairs.

For a look into what we carry, you are welcome to check out our Facebook page for pics..

Witch’s Brew Metaphysical

Thank you for checking out this listing. Also check out our etsy listing for Pendulum Mystery Box, intuitively selected pendulums.

Additional information

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

24 reviews for Mystery Crystal Box – Metaphysical Crystals Box – Raw Crystals

  1. C M

    Review has no content.

  2. Brittany Conner

    Everything was packaged with such care! Everything is so beautiful!! Will be buying again.

  3. C M

    Review has no content.

  4. Michael Keller

    Loved this box so much I got another!

  5. Eryn

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! This was such a wonderful surprise and brought so much joy into my day. The gifts were chosen perfectly, with special attention to a particular stone I mentioned I was feeling drawn to. VERY generously filled box with so many treasures. A million stars! Customer for life here 🙂 (will take pictures once I get my next box, haha!)

  6. Michael Keller

    Review has no content.

  7. Kendra

    Beautiful crystals intuitively picked. Opening each one was a so pleasant and calming. The energy That was sent my way was just what I needed. Thank you!

  8. Eryn

    Thank you for more amazing crystal fun! 🙂 Always something different and I looooove the mystery element. !!

  9. Divena

    I wish etsy would let me post more than one picture, because this really doesn’t do it justice. These crystals are so beautiful! As usual, I was sent exactly what i needed. Aside from when they’re being cleansed and charged, they rarely leave my side when I’m home. They’ve been great tools with my meditations and I just feel happy when I look at them. They were packaged with the utmost care and just something that I found really thoughtful was that some of them were wrapped in newspaper within the bubblewrap, and even the articles were of a positive, uplifting nature. I’m running out of good things to say about this shop, but it really is my favorite for herbs and crystals, I never have to worry about the quality of their products and they pleasantly surprise me every time.

  10. Brittany Conner

    Amazing quality. Second time buying and still just as obsessed as the first time!!

  11. Kirsten Marie

    All I have to say is wow! This box absolutely exceeded my expectations! I have become a pretty avid crystal collector and I can’t believe I got mostly all stones I do not have!! 100% recommended!!

  12. Renee

    What a wonderful offering from PendulumKing! This was a intuitive pendulum, selected by Jason for me. With a handmade wooden box to store it. It is the PERFECT stone/crystal energy for me presently. I find myself so grateful around coming into contact with this web-site and all it offers. In case your interested the stone is: Amazonite. He does beautiful work. The crystals are beautiful.

  13. Blaine Ryburn

    I absolutely loved my box! I'll definitely buy from this store again!

  14. Hannah Gilbreath

    Shipped super fast and packed with care! Quality stones/crystals valued at way more than I paid. Thanks! (Book in review photo not purchased by vendor)

  15. Megan Long

    I wasn’t expecting to get as much as I received in this box! I got many crystals that I don’t have already. They are all so beautiful and have wonderful energy!!! Everything was labeled so you know what everything is, too!! Their was a little mix up with shipping, but that was taken care of right away with no issues. Great service and I highly recommend getting crystals from this shop or anything else!!!!

  16. Jessica Wilson

    OMG!!!♡♡ i love every single item I recieved! Thank you SO much!! I love my spirit quartz ?♡ worth every penny ! Will be ordering more.

  17. Jacque Meier

    so many crystals, so much love!

  18. Megan Long

    I absolutely love my crystals and have bought this many times. You get such unique crystals and the energy is amazing!!!! You definitely get more than what you pay for and I’m always so surprised with what crystals I get. Many of them I don’t have and I’ve been collecting crystals for over 25 years. I highly recommend buying crystals (and pendulums) from this shop!! I know that I’ll be getting more in the future!!! ??

  19. dancerchick14900

    Beautiful pieces, nice mix of common and some less common crystals

  20. Intuitive Insights

    Wow is all I can say!!! This package came at a tough time in my life and brought me so much joy opening it. Jason’s customer service is incredible and impeccable, and in this box is worth MUCH more than the price you pay. He’s one of the few good crystal shops that really gives you the bang for your buck vs. other shops that price their crystals on the focus to make more money than they spent on inventory (I know everyone does lol, just some do it to an extreme. I understand we all gotta make a living!) I even asked for a more discreet shipping address as I live with strict religious family and Jason provided it as well. Overall amazing amazing shop. I wish I could give a million stars!✨

  21. Marley

    Omg !!! This box truly was such a beautiful experience! You definitely get what you pay for and more and they are all stunning quality crystals?Would DEFINITELY recommend and will be purchasing again from this shop! Thank you!! ?⭐️

  22. Tara

    I received such awesome specimens! I’m so happy I can add some spirit quartz to my collection. I had a question about my box and the seller was quick to assist me. Great experience all around 🙂

  23. Xlove

    This was way beyond my expectiations! I love my order so much <3 I got a giant druzy agate and 7 more crystals. All of them so pretty and really good quality. Definitely recommened buying!

  24. Kimberlee Abend

    Awesome selection! Looking forward to doing another one.

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