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Vendor Rules

Polk County Pagan Market Vendor Rules


We do not allow the sales of guns or ammo.

For full Vendor rules, please click here.

  1. Vendors are responsible for collecting their own sales tax/ licensing and proper requirements by the State of Texas. Polk County Pagan Market is not responsible for maintaining tax records of each vendor. For those needing a sales tax permit, you may do so by applying on the Texas comptroller website for free.

2. We are at limit on reader only booths. I will not be approving any that have not vended with us before unless its a mixed booth with reading as non primary and meet a few other conditions that we will mention later. We don’t wanna over saturate our regular vendors and create a competitive market for them.

3. Those that have vended before do not need to put in new apps anymore. We have your info on file. But you must reserve your booth space from the product listing on each event (link located in our FB group). This has to be done before new approvals so that it does not show in the product listings. If for some reason not approved, we will get with you from there.

4. Market grant program no longer exists. Only those with a official non profit will have fees waived.

5. Booth placements are first come first serve. We may have to move some around before final list to keep things separated. I feel like if we move spots around a bit from market to market it will help it stay fresh. We will be doing the final placement layout at our discretion. A pavilion spot is not guaranteed.

6. Payments are non refundable. This is because we advertise the vendors up until the event and put money toward that. So if you cancel, we can not refund due to the amount of money spent to market it.

7. We want to keep this an uplifting and safe atmosphere. One of our biggest things is being a “safe space”. So i have to make sure we are all in a positive atmosphere and feel comfortable in the group setting as best as possible. Im not able to be monitoring all booths just yet at the same time, so if anyone has any complaints about anything just please message me privately and we will address it. At the same time, We are always going to have a little trash to clean up, thats expected. But, if it goes beyond that on purpose then we can not approve again.

8. Most of all: if you are a no call/no show without letting us know.. You will either not be approved for next event OR not allowed to hold another spot (will be whatever is open the day of). This does not apply to those that let us know.

Added as of 5-4-23

9. Vendors are expected to have a presentable and safe set up. For canopies, 40lb weights or weight bags are suggested. Anchors and/or tie downs are mandatory. (subject to be updated)

10. There is absolutely no moving of cars in the vending area during event times. Please follow the instructions in email before event to park in the specified parking areas before event kick off. For vendors in pavilion areas, please do not take up parking spaces in front of other assigned spaces. If unloading multiple vehicles, please do so one at a time by unloading one then moving and unloading the next. Do not take up another vendors assigned parking space.

11. Check In: Check in must be completed within an hour before event kick off. If you haven’t checked in by the designated time for each event or made other arrangements, your space will be filled with an ALT vendor. We will no longer be holding spaces past check in time.

12. Fundraising must be approved ahead of time. If you plan to fund raise or ask for donations for something other than what you are approved to offer, you must let us know either on your application or informally so we can approve it. Fundraising reflects on the market as a whole, so we need to make sure it is for a good cause & see it succeed. We are hoping to cut down on unapproved fundraising efforts while also helping promote the ones that are approved so we can help insure success.

13. Readings/Reading type services are only allowed by those that have been market approved, previous approvals stand. This must have been listed on your application at some point. This is an effort to not saturate the market with competition to those that have applied to offer readings.

Lets continue to create an awesome diversity of offerings while in an uplifting atmosphere. Other than that, if it harms none then do as you will.

Vendors are encouraged to join our vendor group to exchange ideas and keep up with information on demand. Please do so by visiting

For all things Polk County Pagan Market market related, not specific to vendor info.. Please watch and follow our Facebook page at All official news and info is posted there publicly. For info on our last event please visit