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If you are looking for an opportunity to add depth and durability to your relationship, this week’s planetary activity has plenty to offer. If you just want to cut loose and get a little wild with things? We’ve got something for you too, this week. And ideally, if you can do both, why not?

The week begins with Venus sextile Saturn. Venus in Pisces is both a strong and loving location, but even a strong Venus could use a little backbone. Venus sextile Saturn can strengthen a relation, and it can strengthen your resolve to make things work out, or to get your act together with your search technique. Keep in mind that (although it was exact last week) Venus sextile Pluto is still in effect. Combined with the Saturn aspect? That can make for a whole lot of power to get things done in your love life. It potentially also might give you a little too much resolve to get something (or someone) you want, but that (or whom) you shouldn’t be chasing after.

Also on Monday, Mercury enters Pisces. That placement is a little better suited to the task of writing love letters and pitching woo than Mercury in Aquarius was. Other than that, I should point out that Mercury in Pisces is not particularly great at getting the details right and double-checking the facts before it speaks up. And then on Wednesday, Mercury sextile Uranus is exact. This can make for some particularly brilliant ideas and new approaches to mental or organizational challenges. Mostly, though? All of this is my chance to remind you that Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th, so get your Mercury-related ducks in a row now. You’ve been warned.

So: as I mentioned earlier, this is a great week to stabilize your current romantic picture. But what if that doesn’t apply to you, or if you just want to shake things up and/or pump up the excitement? That’s what weekends are for, and this upcoming weekend’s astrological activity is here to pour you that extra drink.

On Friday, Venus enters Aries. The transition from Pisces to Aries is an interesting one when it comes to interpretation. Venus in Pisces is exalted, and is associated with deep feelings. Venus in Aries is debilitated (being opposite Libra, one of the two signs Venus rules). A lot of descriptions of Venus in Aries call it “brash” or “headstrong.” I’ll be honest with you: Venus in Aries may not be the best possible placement, but in my experience it’s a lot of fun. Besides, if I had to write a thesis paper on an astrological topic, I might go with something like, “Venus is Aries gets picked on because its qualities aren’t very ‘ladylike,’ and that’s sexist.” But, I’ll spare you.

And finally, if you like things lively, we have a Full Moon in Leo on Sunday. Good times! Good, potentially unstable times! Woo hoo!

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