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Mystery Pendulum Box Set *Intuitively Selected* – Metaphysical Crystal Pendulum – Witchcraft Supplies – Wicca – Pagan – Dowsing

(344 customer reviews)



Mystery Pendulum box set: I am a lifelong Wiccan Traditionalist who has a focus in divination. Let me create a unique pendulum just for you by meditating and consulting my guides. Let me select a hand made authentic crystal pendulum just for you. You will receive one hand made high quality pendulum out of authentic crystals. These pendulums are made out of ethically sourced, unaltered crystals that i get directly from the mines. You will also receive a FREE wood box selected to fit the pendulum. The box selected will vary depending on what I have in stock at the moment and what charms are used on the pendulum. For instance I like to include a pentacle box if the pendulum is pentacle charmed, or Triquetra box for a Triquetra charm..etc..

Most (if not all) premade pendulums on the market today are mass produced with no care to where the stone comes from, how it was sourced and how it is made. Buying a pendulum made by me is a guarantee that the stone has been in very few hands. Only me, the miners and you have touched this stone. This reduces the amount of energy picked up and attached to a crystal. Also, almost every mass produced pendulum has been altered with filler or resin to hide cracks in the stone and natural blemishes. This is common is mass produced polished crystals. What this additive does for those that are using it for metaphysical use, it acts as a blockage around the crystal. Kind of like a filter or a screen that slows down the flow of energy and the metaphysical energy of the crystal. I use none of these additives, no stabilizers, no resins, no fillers to alter weight. This listing is to provide a crystal pendulum that is 100% percent natural, unaltered stone and authentic crystal.

All boxes are randomly chosen unless we have discussed a particular design. The box is a FREE addition to this listing to help keep your pendulum safe when not in use. If you would like a specific box… You may check out some of our box specific listings or message me if you would like to discuss a particular design. I also have some boxes with a cross on it if you prefer, but please send me a message to let me know. I want to stress this, i laser engrave these boxes…so if there is a specific design you want, please message me first to discuss. Otherwise, the design will be chosen intuitively.

If there is a specific date that you need this by, please add in order comments and I will do my best to meet it.

The laser engraved wood authenticity certificate in the last photo can be added for an additional fee, verifying the date made, the moon phase and the stone used. I can guarantee the authenticity of each stone and that it is an ethically sourced crystal. Please check my shop for the separate listing for that item or choose it as an upgrade.

This is a perfect choice for those that want a powerful hand-crafted authentic crystal pendulum .

Please pay attention to Etsy’s estimated ship time for this. My processing time varies due to the amount of orders I have, but the time needed will be shown on this page under “this item will arrive by…” You can always message me if you have any questions about processing time.

Frequently asked question:

Why is the price of this pendulum higher than the average pendulum I can find on etsy?

Several reasons for this.. First of all the average pendulum for sale is mass made. This is a completely different kind of pendulum. Our stones are high quality, authentic crystal and designed so they will not be broken easy. We back our design and authenticity.. If by the chance your pendulum breaks for any reason, I can repair or replace..

Our pendulums are truly unique and one of a kind.. made especially for you. The value of the pendulum is much higher than the price we list, because i cut, shape and polish it all myself. Because of this, I can offer it to you at a price below it’s value.

CHAINS: All pendulums come with chains. We send these unattached to prevent any damages in shipping. These are in a small bag taped to your care sheet. Please do not discard the care sheet without first removing the chain.

This pendulum is designed in the teardrop shape so that it has less weak points than an average store bought pendulum. Average pendulums some times break easy, the tips especially. Yours is designed so that the neck is fatter and the tip is smaller, so that accidental drops rarely end in breaks.

All stones are 100% authentic, we stand firmly behind the quality of our stones and the source.


How to use a pendulum:

Below I will go into some basic steps for beginners to learn to use pendulums, along with an exercise that will help you get an understanding. This is guide serves to teach Pendulums for Beginners.

But First, What is a Pendulum? A pendulum is a weighted object on the end of a string or chain. Some Wiccans feel that the best pendulums are made out of copper (copper is conductive which is more easy for energy to flow). Also sometimes certain crystals or gemstones may be used for the pendulum itself to intensify predictive readings. For now, lets start with string with any weighted object. If you can hold the top of the string and the bottom swings freely in all directions, you have a perfect pendulum. Traditionally, the length of string is 9 inches, although depending on the length of your forearm, you can adjust it to your personal preference. For practice, You can make a pendulum yourself quite easily – all you need is string, and an object to tie to the bottom of the string.


I would add to stay away from energy blockers. Energy needs to flow from your body, down your arm, out the tip of your finger, down the chain to the point of the pendulum. So anything that blocks energy, will interrupt this process and give bad readings. Now these items can be used to get the hang of how to hold, and how to get in meditative state.. But for actual readings, these items should be avoided.

Here are some things to avoid:



Non conductive Metals

Fake Crystals


Any Synthetics

All these items (and items like it) will not let energy flow, these items will not work well for pendulums. I know there are many stores that sell pendulum versions with some of this stuff, these are for practice only, for accurate readings I would avoid any energy blockers.

Items that will work well with Energy Flow:





Natural or Living Material (Hair, Plants, etc)

Any authentic crystal
Once you have your pendulum created and in hand the first thing we must do is find a comfortable sitting position. In most cases I personally use my meditation position, legs crossed Indian style with back straight up. It is important to find an area where you are in your comfort zone. You may choose outside sitting on the earth, or in your house comfortable sitting in the floor. Either way find your place and get comfortable.

Setting the mood. When reading pendulums it is important to clear your mind. So in this case we do what helps to get you in that state of mind. In some cases people will put on relaxing sounds of nature in the background, some will light candles or use incense. Me, I just like hearing nature, so the sounds of the birds and crickets are just fine for me. What ever relaxes you and helps you open your mind, this is what we recommend.

Now lets get started. While in position and clear mind, Lets visualize a flow of energy coming from the ground and channeling up to your feet then eventually channeling that energy out from your hand. Specifically the tip of your index finger and thumb. Visualize that energy flowing from you to the pendulum. To get started, we will hold our pendulum with the tip of our index finger and thumb. To be clear, we are holding the chain (or string) that holds the pendulum just a couple of inches down from opposite end of string. Let the excess string lay in the cup of your hand. Now extend your arm holding the pendulum out about a foot or so in front of your chest. Your hand should be just about lined up with center of your chest about a foot or 2 in front of it.

Now, holding your pendulum chain (or string) with the tip of your index finger and thumb and the energy flowing to it, ask out loud (or silently, whichever is preferred) to show you your movement pattern. Give it a little time and your pendulum should be moving in a pattern, mine is a clockwise rotation. This is your movement pattern, and should be the same every time. Practice this, make sure to get a clear understanding of your movement pattern, you will need to identify it before you can identify anything else.

Now that you know your movement pattern, ask to show you your YES. The movements will eventually change, my yes and no pattern works like an x with yes being a movement like / and no being a movement like . Now once you have got a good solid understanding of your yes, repeat these steps for your NO. I would recommend taking some time on all 3 of these so that you know your movement pattern, your YES and your NO. Always go back to movement pattern in between questions.

Once you have repeated this over and over we can move on with an exercise to help you understand your readings, before you move to actual questions.

How to use my Pendulum Exercise: You can do this several ways, but what i recommend starting with is this. Take a deck of playing cards. Remove the Ace of diamonds, Ace of Hearts, and Ace of Spades. Now set the rest of the deck aside and let’s use these 3 cards. Take these 3 cards, mix them up without looking at the faces and place them face down in a triangle. Space the 3 cards out several inches apart. Now get in your position, clear your mind, visualize your energy flow and use your pendulum over each card. What we are looking for is the card that don’t belong, in this case it is the Ace of Spades. First, establish your movement pattern over your card… once you have this, then ask if this is the card that don’t belong. Make note of either the yes or no movement. Move on to the next card and repeat until you get a yes, once you have a solid yes flip the card over and you should have your Ace of Spades. It will take some time for this to work, you will have to get familiar, just keep practicing. Once you do get it, you will always pick the right card. This will teach you to read YES or NO questions.
how to use pendulums

Another exercise is much like the one above. Only this time instead of moving our pendulum over each card, we will position it in the center of the triangle. Now we will ask to show us the card that doesn’t belong. Your pendulum will point to the card with a back and forth pattern. Whichever direction the pendulum swings the farthest, is your CARD. Practice, repeat. This will teach you to use charts (Letter charts are basically the same concept of a spirit board).

Once you have mastered these 2 exercises, you are ready to use your pendulum in every day readings. Please comment or post below and let us know how this worked for you. Remember, these are the techniques that work best for us. There is no one way, if you have other exercises for beginners, we would love to hear it.


Always be on the look out for bad readings. At times, your card exercise will come up with wrong answer every time. You can ask control questions “Is my name Jason?” and the answer be wrong. If this happens repeatedly, just stop and take a break. Come back in a half hour and start again. Pendulums can be blunt, they can be stubborn, they can be harsh, and they can be inaccurate if we aren’t fully in the state of mind that we need to be in when doing a pendulum reading.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

amethyst, Authentic crystals, Box, Chain, Charm, citrine, labradorite, Obsidian, quartz, rose quartz, sodalite

Add On's

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344 reviews for Mystery Pendulum Box Set *Intuitively Selected* – Metaphysical Crystal Pendulum – Witchcraft Supplies – Wicca – Pagan – Dowsing

  1. Angelica

    I got my order in TWO days.

    Aside from that, last night I was almost brought to tears. Her responses were precise and almost immediate and I cannot wait to form a stronger relationship. Very beautiful pendulum, I'm so blessed.

  2. Amy

    The pendulum arrived earlier than expected. It is quite beautiful. The wooden box that it came in seals nicely. I am grateful for the how to on the store site as I am new to this.

  3. Ashlee Craythorn

    I could not be happier with this purchase. My pendulum is gorgeous! I felt a strong connection to it right away. The box is also nice. The seller is amazing! 100% recommend this shop!

  4. Victoria Roze

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  5. oleta

    Absolutely beautiful and tuned right to me.

  6. Marshall

    Loved everything! There were some excellent extras as well!

  7. kaylajoelle97

    The pendulum sent to me could not be more perfect for me, even the chain. I highly recommend this to anyone thinking about getting it, do it, you will not regret it!

  8. MJ Heiser

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  9. Christina

    I love my pendulum! The ruby zoisite was exactly what I needed! Thank you!

  10. Wander

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  11. l8kpw3e5

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  12. Bobbi Jo Vandervest

    I’m in love with my pendulum! It’s very beautiful and I love the box it comes in. Thank you so much for the added birthday gift. I really appreciate it. Fast shipping. Definitely will continue to buy from.

  13. Marian

    Bought this because i appreciated how in depth the item description was and it did not disappoint. The box was different than pictured but the pendulum picked for me was absolutely perfect. Will definitely be a return shopper.

  14. Bobbie Jean King

    Sadly, my original pendulum was damaged in transit. The seller was very quick to help. A new one was made and sent as fast as possible. The replacement is beautiful and has amazing energy. I highly recommend this seller. Thank you so much!

  15. Kapla

    Received my pendulum today and it is STUNNING! Box is ok… Not really my personality. But the pendulum is breathtaking ❤️

  16. Amanda Garibay

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  17. ccb112

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  18. nurseanna2002

    Absolutely love my pendulum! It got here quickly and safely. Thank you so much!

  19. SarahJ H

    I connect so deeply to the selected pendulum! It was even more than what I was hoping for. The packaging was carefully thought through just as I am sure the pendulum itself is. I am looking forward to future purchases here.

  20. Mahogany

    I was expecting the other box pictured, however I was happy with the box and the pendulum I received. It also came with an amethyst crystal.

  21. Susan LeDee-Randall

    Beautiful! The moment I saw the box the energy I felt was so positive. When I opened the box and saw the pendulum I was filled with warmth and positive energy. The Bumblebee Jasper is gorgeous and speaks to me on so many levels. I am simple amazed by how perfect this selection is for me. Highly recommended!!!

  22. miranda

    Beautiful pendulum. Very happy with it!

  23. Lisa

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  24. Lisa Wright

    So pretty. I love everything about this. I can't believe how perfect the crystal chosen truly is. I'm so pleased with my purchase and have already recommended to friends. Thank you ?

  25. Kapla

    The pendulums are gorgeous and the box is absolutely breathtaking ❤️! I will continue to order from him.

  26. Julie

    So lovely, thank you! And the box that you send is wonderful.

  27. Kristina Hudson

    The seller was right on with the intuitive choice of my pendulum and box- I couldn't have chosen better myself! I can't wait to use my new pendulum and I will definitely shop here again!

  28. Alissa

    I love the pendulum that was selected for me! Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals, so I was very happy to find out that my pendulum was made from amethyst. Shipping and arrival was super fast as well!

  29. Cat Godbout

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  30. Keidy

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  31. Tyler Zuidema

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  32. Kelly Smith

    The pendulum and box set that I received are absolutely perfect for me. I felt a strong connection right away and knew they had been intuitively chosen. I love them. Thank you! ?

  33. Divena

    Exactly what I needed, and quite beautiful. Thank you Mr. McLeland!

  34. Jinhii

    The set was shipped on time and I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm in love with the pendulum! Well worth the price. Thank you so much!

  35. Stephanie

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  36. Robin Palermo

    I was blown away by this!! I loved the fluorite and the Tree of life charm was perfect!! Thank you!

  37. Chrissy C

    Omg I love it and you can feel the happy energy coming off of it .it makes me excited to use it. the stone is absolutely beautiful.

  38. jessica perez

    I gave 5 stars because the pendulum is gorgeous. The colors used were perfect. I also love the chain. The box isn't what I expected but I still like it. Thank you!

  39. Destiney Freeman

    The box was beautiful. I wasn't immediately drawn to the pendulum, definitely not one I would have chosen for myself. That's not a bad thing though, I firmly believe things find us before we truly know we have the need.

  40. Kerri Leonard

    Love my pendulum! I got lapis lazuli, which is such fate because I recently bought a keychain of the same stone ? thank you for an awesome product!

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    I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a pendulum, but unsure of what they wanted. It was the perfect fit.

  46. Sean

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  50. Jodie Schuster

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  51. Jan-Marie

    What can I say, my expectations were exceeded. I am very impressed with the level of intuition. The tree of life is very important to me and sure enough, this was incorporated into the much needed moonstone pendulum. Beautiful, thank you!

  52. felinasm

    Original order issue was handled immediately. Intuitively chosen pendulum is perfect! Beautifully made. I'm very pleased! Thank you.

  53. Kaitlynne Sperry

    beautiful work!! the pendulum is stunning!

  54. Tira Bowen

    The pendulum I received is PERFECT! I would have never picked it for myself and I am so glad!! So much energy and it was an instant connection!! Thank you!!

  55. Charly Siehndel

    Received an inky almost black purpurite stone with a beautiful yet subtle purple flash. Looked up the qualities of the stone and it honestly couldn't be any more perfect. Felt a connection right away and it's incredibly responsive. Looking forward to learning and working more with it!

  56. Jeannette Berry

    I love this shop. Amazing products and the owner was amazing abut replacing the wrong item I received. No hassle.

  57. jkhashab

    I got the box I wanted and a gorgeous pendulum that I can’t wait to use. Didn’t know the significance of my stone, but turns out it enhances memory of past life recall which is exactly what I’m working on now! Love this so much!

  58. C M

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  59. Andrea Rumley

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  60. Erica

    First I want to say I haven’t been so excited for something I’ve ordered before, I was like a child on Christmas morning.
    The pendulum I received was exactly what I needed. The stone and symbols used resonated with me beyond my expectations. The quality and attention to detail is exceptional. I will be visiting your store again.
    Thank you so much!

  61. lalalalisa072

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  62. Tori Olsen

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  63. Mary

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  64. Elisa Mendoza

    Very beautiful! Just amazing well worth the price and will definitely be a returning customer.

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    Just WOW! This exceeded all my expectations. The quality was increditble and better than described. The box included is beautiful. Can't wait to shop with you again.

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  70. Tatyana Roop

    Thank you so very much for my lovely pendulum and the wonderful box it came in! They are both very magical and a perfect pick for me ????‍♀️

  71. SleepyGhost

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  72. Brittany Conner

    Pendulum is amazing! I connected with it right away! Thank you so much!

  73. Kaotic Kreationz

    I don’t know how he knew which pendulum to pick but when I tell you it was divinely amazing to receive what I did it gave me goosebumps.

    Thank you for an amazing divination tool that is synced with how the universe brought things forward !

  74. Lisa

    Just beautiful !!!!!! so glad I purchased

  75. Raine Doodle

    The quality of this item is excellent. It arrived very well packaged and the pendulum inside was exactly what I'd been needing! Definitely going to be ordering from this seller again.

  76. Debra

    Really beautiful pendulum! Fast shipping and packaged great to allow everything to arrive safely. I would definitely recommend this store for purchases!

  77. Debbie Lombard

    What a Beautiful experience and the Perfect gift for my daughter. Great quality items, very carefully packed, communication was excellent and shipping was super fast! I Emailed Jason that I needed it by a certain date and he went out of his way to accommodate me. I’m kicking myself for not taking a photo of her Blue Quartz pendulum and the lovely little wooden box with a cross on the top to show y’all. Thanks again so much! I’ll be back and will send my friends too! God bless PendulumKing ?

  78. Jamie Diana

    So I’m blown away! Not just by the beautiful piece I received but everything around it. My pendulum is a beautiful pink feldspar quartz’s which aids in self love and awareness also aids in treatments of skin and muscular disorders… I suffer from lupus! So when I saw this I was like wow because he intuitively selects from stone to the pendants, which was a beautiful dragonfly which again a symbol of change and growth to love and have faith do not doubt. Everything is perfect!!! Thank you so much you have made my day with your beautiful piece and I will cherish it and I will definitely be back to buy again! Blessings love and light

  79. Courtney

    Even better than I hoped for! The stone, charms, and box are perfect! Beautiful and very well made. Great customer service and fast shipping.

  80. Harley

    I needed a pendulum since the original one I got wasn’t meant for me. (The usual keeper of it until it’s true owner comes.) I had no idea where to begin because it can be overwhelming when you have so many options. So when I found this one, I knew it was for me. Let someone else help along with spirits. I was so excited and couldn’t wait. This pendulum is more then I could have hoped for or wished for. The box is absolutely gorgeous and lined with purple. Which means a lot to me because of whom the color is associated with (and the fact that they aren’t able to be with my family and I at this time). The stone is one I haven’t heard of, but plan to look into. Thank you so much! I will definitely be a repeat customer.?

  81. Heather Prenda

    Thank you for such a stunning tiger's eye pendulum, I cant wait to bond. The box is gorgeous and what savage energy is involved, thank you!!!

  82. Janet Fischer

    Very nice box and I love the pendulum!

  83. kymie collins

    the shipping was quick. the whole package was bubble wrapped so there was no way for anything to be damaged.

  84. Patricia

    I can’t say enough about this awesome Seller! I bought 2 Pendulums, each more beautiful than the next! He included gorgeous carved boxes, created especially for the Pendulums. Wow! The quality & workmanship is incredible. I definitely recommend this talented craftsman!?

  85. Catherine Young

    As with every other purchase I have made through Etsy, I am more than pleased. I love my pendulum which was delivered promptly and with care. Many thanks

  86. Cheryl Dumas

    I absolutely love the pendulum you picked for me. Thank you.

  87. Dawn Van Sise

    Wow what a beautiful piece! I have to say, I’m new to stuff and I don’t usually feel anything from crystals. But this feels special and I can’t wait to work with it. It was expertly packaged too. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful pendulum for me!

  88. Jennifer Parker

    I cannot tell you how impressed I am! Chosen for me was this gorgeous labradorite pendulum decorated with the powerful pentacle. The pendulum box is a stunning purplish blue – purple is my favorite color! Now let’s talk about the free selenite wand gift ?. How generous!!! Oh and the energy from these made my head spin. Powerful, gorgeous crystals. I can’t wait to use them!

    Like I said, I’m very impressed with the intuitive choice as well as the craftsmanship.


    This is my 1st pendulum and it far surpassed my expectations. The beauty of my Moonstone pendulum and handmade box is outstanding. The energy is amazing, my cat was even drawn to it. My connection with my new pendulum is magical. I used the suggestions in the description to create a bond with it and it worked beautifully. Thank you so very much! I am beyond impressed.

  90. Chrissy C

    I loved it thank you

  91. damjen18

    I trusted that you would send exactly what was intended for me and you delivered. This Indigo Gabbro pendulum has stolen my heart. We shared energy immediately and I know we will work together for a long time. Pure magic. Thank you for sharing your magic, PendulumKing.

  92. Lily Rayne

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  93. Kris

    This surprise piece is LOVELY!!!! I am very happy with everything I buy from Pendulum King

  94. Benjamin

    I love it! the box is well made, and the pendulum is quite unique and extra cool. Great value for the money, and I even got a surprise gift!

  95. Kristen Shepherd

    Absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I received the most gorgeous pendulum that admittedly, I would have never picked for myself. After looking up the meaning, it is spot on and I already have such a love for it. I messaged asking for the make info, and was responded to super quick with the moon phase and the date/time my specific piece was crafted. A++ quality and customer service. I can’t wait to order another.

  96. Mackenzie Smith

    Review has no content.

  97. Diane Jankauskas

    A beautiful pendulum and wood box for it to rest in. I love it, shipping was fast and the pendulum is perfect for me. Thank you for choosing it 🙂

  98. Janis Ralston

    A very intuitive selection. It’s perfectly fit for a situation, and it is not a crystal I had in my collection.
    Communication was excellent, even better than most people I’ve interacted with on Etsy.
    Packaging was detailed and perfect. This showed care for product, definitely not an assembly line kind of company.

  99. Destiany Ledbetter

    Loved it so much that I bought a second one. it was the most responsive pendulum I've tried and connected with it immediately. It feels like a blessing to have it and i will be using it in my practice most definitly.

  100. Chelsea

    I received a stone I've never even heard of, but it is a stone that has properties of which I actually needed. Thank you so much! Great quality, and great thought put into the creation, as proven by the detailed responses from the owner. Would absolutely purchase again ??? ?

  101. Samantha Hunt

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  102. Kristi

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  103. pamelaficker

    WOW! I love the pendulum I received! I can feel it’s vibration when I hold it. It’s turritella agate, and absolutely stunning! Bonus: shipping was SO fast!

  104. Renee

    Being new to purchasing crystals in this form, I found PendulumKing’s store so interesting. Having a “gut” feeling about it, in a good way, I was hooked!
    After reviewing what was available I made a couple of purchases. I have received one shipment and am so impressed with the quality of the crystals, the packing and packaging. Everything arrived in good form. Each piece labeled. Jason’s attention to detail, care, concern and kindness is outstanding. Shipping, email responses, ALL timely. I want to thank you!

  105. Saleana Judd

    Review has no content.

  106. Dawn

    I like the item but not the one I wanted so I gave it to my daughter I thought it was going to be the one it shows on there that's the one I really like

  107. boop boop

    i love ittt i was so happy when i got itt 🙂

  108. PBKGirl

    Absolutely beautiful box and pendulum! I would never have thought to pick blue quartz for myself, but it's perfect, right down to the dragon charm. Thank you so much!

  109. Amanda Marie

    I can not say enough good things about my purchase!

  110. Stephanie

    Its a gorgeous pendulum, looks great and feels great. I was pleasantly surprised with the selection as it is a crystal that I would not have picked out for myself. I would also like to add that I had a slight headache after opening it, but I am sensitive to certain things. But I do love it.

  111. Riley

    i absolutely adore it!! i cannot wait to bond with it, i’ll always cherish it as it’s my first pendulum :^)

  112. Brandy

    I am sooo happy with this gorgeous pendant! I️ love that it was chosen for me and it’s definitely what I️ needed, I️ cant wait to order another one!

  113. Belia

    I happened to come across this seller as I was casually browsing for a new pendulum. I am super happy to have received my new pendulum! The fact that it had a star decoration was amazing! I LOVE stars! ? Thank you so much! I would gladly recommend your shop to anybody in search for something special and unique.

  114. musicbuff95

    Beautifully crafted. My chosen pendulum is a Chrysocolla in Quartz – I had never heard of this prior, and after some reading, it’s a very appropriate selection. I am incredibly happy with the quality of the pendulum and the box it arrived in. Fast delivery, too.

  115. orobono8125

    The tarot box is beautiful and of great quality! I will use this for my special tarot cards… Great service with the shipping and receiving of this item. The price was very reasonable and I am very happy with this seller.

  116. Shanette Pinnix

    I love my new pendulum?. I researched the stone and find out it is what I needed. Can’t wait to get contact with it. Thank you again!!

  117. Danielle

    Review has no content.

  118. Kayleen Laird

    Wow! What a gorgeous piece. I could tell immediately that this was handmade with great skill and care. I had a couple of specific requests as far as not having a certain imagery and I was sent both a pendulum and gorgeous box that were absolutely perfect. The weight in my hand feels solid and good. Plus, the seller sent a bonus little herb sachet that I enjoyed. I will definitely be a repeat customer when I go looking for my next piece.

  119. Jeff Friday

    Exceeded expectations will definitely purchase again

  120. Kaitlyn

    It’s sooo beautiful, and the crystal is one of my favorites! Shipping took forever! But it was def worth the wait! If youre having a hard time picking out a pendulum for yourself then I def recommend doing this.

  121. Taylor McAlister

    Gorgeous pendulum! It’s great quality and I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of crystal. I’ll definitely be getting more!

  122. martinscaitlin

    I received a dinosaur stone pendulum and it is so beautiful! I am in love with the box as well. Everything is beautifully crafted!

  123. Andrea Aase

    This is beautiful and powerful. Thank you!

  124. Rachel Villarreal

    Review has no content.

  125. Tatiana N

    Review has no content.

  126. chasitynimsey24

    Review has no content.

  127. Jason Steele

    The quality was as described and the item met my expectations. I replaced the chain with a custom one that I made.

  128. Izzy

    My pendulum took my breath away! The charm that was selected for me was actually a tattoo design that I was going to get with my mother this weekend.. the meaning of the crystal chosen was absolutely perfect for how I’m feeling right now in my life and I can’t wait to get started with it! The box was also the one I picked out of the photo examples as my favorite!!

  129. Megan Long

    When I opened my package I saw the beautiful blue box, which I love. Then I opened it up and found a LARIMAR pendulum I almost cried. I was expecting something nice, but this exceeded my expectations. I’m in absolute love with everything and I love the little Spirit Cactus Quartz gift as well!! I’ve already put in a couple more orders ??? WOW is all I can say and I highly recommend this shop!!!!

  130. Emily Bartley

    Review has no content.

  131. J

    I received a Blue Tiger Eyes and it’s BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely love it

  132. Megan Long

    Review has no content.

  133. Meg Davis

    Super excited to have my very first pendulum! I love the box it came in and also what was picked for me!! very happy!!

  134. Luke Sturgeon

    Absolutely gorgeous! I got a tigers eye and love it to death!

  135. Katie

    My order was shipped quickly and arrived in a timely manner. My pendulum is beautiful, I was a wonderful surprise! I highly recommend this seller.

  136. Quentin Dykes

    10/10 just what I was hunting for for my wife’s gift.

  137. stareeyes

    I have recently fallen in love with smoky quartz and was so happy when I opened my box today and found it to contain a smoky quartz pendulum with a simple chain and simple box just as I had pictured in my head when I ordered it.

  138. Breanna McClure

    I absolutely love my new pendulum ❤ its perfect thank you! the box is beautiful as well!

  139. Tyler Upton

    Absolutely stunning. I'm getting my fiance one one now too

  140. Shannon Saffer

    Lovely moonstone, just what I was hoping for

  141. Brittany Mills

    Review has no content.

  142. GabrielleRose

    Review has no content.

  143. Beth M.

    I would have never chosen a garden quartz pendulum, but we are working together quote well!! The energy of the box is being incredibly mischievous and difficult to cleanse, who would have expected that! ? My animal guide is a vee, so my bee pendulum board and garden quartz pendulum were simply meant to ?.

  144. sisi s.

    Review has no content.

  145. Jennifer

    Review has no content.

  146. Adrienne Hathaway

    I absolutely love my pendulum.Fast shipping, beautiful work. Will buy from again!!

  147. Kim Barbadillo

    Everything is so awesome, love this company

  148. Stephanie Flowers

    I love the ruby fuchsite pendulum picked for me! The butterfly fob is perfect! The ornamental box is an added bonus. Thank you !!!

  149. Rebecca West

    Impeccable quality and a beautiful product! Would absolutely recommend to anyone!

  150. Adrienne Hathaway

    Love the pendulem, fast shipping. Will buy from again

  151. kalynadorland

    Review has no content.

  152. Mindy Cha

    Pendulum is perfect 🙂 the box lid doesn’t close all the way but it’s okay, still cute 🙂

  153. Desirae Benson

    Beautiful pendulum—I didn’t know what to expect of course with it being a mystery, but I was delighted. It also came in the cutest box!

  154. Brittany

    absolutely gorgeous pendulum…I love the bubble bee jasper is perfect THANK YOU… I love it

  155. Michaela H

    I was so excited when I opened my package. I felt such good energy from the note and I love everything about my pendulum! 10/10

  156. Ilene

    Review has no content.

  157. Marielle Vanessa

    Review has no content.

  158. Tiffany Membreno

    I purchased this as my first Pendulum and I was not disappointed at all! The detail on the box itself was simple and my favorite color.. blue! It was definitely meant to be!

  159. Ayla

    I absolutely love my pendulum (and box for that matter). A unique stone I haven’t heard of before, and after looking it up, it’s definitely a great fit. May just need to get a buddy to go with it 😉 thank you!

  160. ranapoo

    I love that the pendulum and charm are picked for you. the box is handy and beautiful too

  161. Catherine

    Review has no content.

  162. heymerka

    I received ruby fuchsite and it is beautiful! Thank you ?

  163. Sam

    My chain broke off of my pendulum it can't be fix.

  164. Melony B

    I was floored by the absolute beauty of the pendulum and box that it came in.

  165. Rene M

    Review has no content.

  166. Duana

    Love love love my box and crystals are beautiful will purchase again.

  167. Analee Garner

    wonderful quality, thrilled with this pendulum 🙂 it's not something i would have chosen for myself, but i'm so excited that this is what i received! very reactive, and looks gorgeous with my handmade board! thank you <3

  168. kaylaspratt1995

    It's perfect!! It is really good quality and so so so beautiful! I will definitely be making future purchases!

  169. Marissa Wildey

    Completely love the rose quarts with a little peace sign. Amazing work.

  170. Nicole Ellison

    The pendulum and the box are both beautiful!! It’s Labradorite which I’ve always considered a lucky Crystal for me. I’m so happy about it! Thank you!

  171. Shellie Wirkkala

    Arrived so quick!

  172. thebrenna

    This pendulum and case
    are precisely what I envisioned gifting to my soul sister. A million thanks. love and light ?

  173. Audra

    Absolutely stunning, I’m so happy with this purchase will definitely come back to this shop.

  174. Samantha Torinese

    Received my absolutely gorgeous demantoid garnet pendulum today! I was so shocked that I got a snake charm, as my fiancé and I actually love and breed snakes! So happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend.

  175. krisbethea

    This is lovely! Thank you! I'm glad I decided to do this; I've ended up with something very special that I wouldn't have thought to pick out for myself.

  176. Andrea N

    Absolutely beautiful pendulum!!The seller answered my question quickly and gave a cross box just like I asked for! Now I can stay in the broom closet without being anxious my parents will find out.

  177. GabrielleRose

    In love with my Black Jade pendulum. So perfect. Thank you! Repeat customer and will be purchasing more. The work put into each and every single one is apparent and special. Highly recommend this shop!

  178. mesha6910

    I love love love everything about it it speaks to me my favorite bracelet I wear everyday is hamsa hand and the chain in my pendulum is the hamsa hand also !! !!!!! LOVE THANKS WILL BUY AGAIN

  179. Anne Ryan

    The pendulum and box exceeded my expectations. Each choice, from the box, to the pendulum, to the charm, was a surprise – a beautiful surprise. I could not be happier. I specified a few things that I preferred not to receive and my wishes were respected. I'm very grateful for that. Thank you.

  180. Lina Machado

    At first I was a bit unsure to do the mystery pendulum. But I listened to my gut. I received my stone in a beautiful crafted box!! My stone was Rainbow Obsidian. I have never heard of it, so I began to look up info on it and it fits my life perfectly!! Some days i feel stuck in the middle of this massive storm of unknown, but when i read this….Rainbow Obsidian will get you started on your emotional healing after suffering a broken heart. It will give you the strength to pick up the pieces and the courage to face a new chapter of your life. I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT!!! My favorite number is 5 and the charm has a star which has 5 points. The quality of the stone is perfectly crafted. Mine reflects a pink-ish color when light is shined on it!!!!!! I LOVE IT!

  181. Saphfilelene T

    Not cheap, store bought, actual work and though we’re put into to make the offering for The Dark Prince Belzebuth very personal to me. I will order again in the future.

  182. icarusflyboi

    when usps fouled things up and routed my package to a town more than an hour away, the seller was responsive, helpful, and courteous. Not to mention they could not have picked a more perfect pendant and box. can I give them 6 stars?

  183. Gloria

    Beautiful!! I love it…Will order from them again..

  184. Irina

    I am so beyond happy!! Shipping was extremely fast! I am obsessed and can’t wait to begin working with my pendulum. The box is perfect for me. I will be recommending this store to everyone! Thank you!!

  185. Samantha Jordan

    The boxes and the pendulums are excellent. The customer service is wonderful. All expectations were met, and I would buy from them and recommend them to anyone looking for this sort of item.

  186. Raenell

    I am so happy with my pendulum! After doing some research on the crystal I received it seems like the most perfect fit. The wooden box it came with is abssolutely beautiful as well! I will definitely be buying from here again!

  187. Taylor knowles

    My Mystery Pendulum came and it was a stone I have never heard of, Ruby with Fuschite, it’s absolutely gorgeous and its properties resonate with my needs perfectly. Also there is a little peacock charm on mine, my late Grandma who i always looked towards for guidance had a farm full of Peacocks. This means so much to me im so grateful!!

  188. jkcoles

    beautiful. better than expected. soulful.

  189. Leslie Driggers

    Love the pendulum selected for me!!

  190. Carolyn Smith

    Review has no content.

  191. Heather Kues

    Review has no content.

  192. C N

    I’m not sure yet. I’m very much in shock still. I always want to know the what or why behind picked items, I’m very curious with the pendulum I received. Jadeite with Orange garnet, I’m very excited to work with this peace’s the Wel nervy is gentle and strong. Will update at a later time for a better review

  193. Annie Goodall

    Review has no content.

  194. KristynBobby Simmons

    The pendulum I received is beautiful! I have never seen the stone it's made of, but once I researched it I was amazed. It is exactly what I needed and the description fit me perfectly! The box is beautiful as well…I can't say enough good things about my experience! I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much for this beautiful item! Would recommend to anyone!

  195. Desiree

    I adore my pendulum, it is perfect, I felt connected instantly ? the box it came in is beautiful.

  196. Michelle Motz

    Review has no content.

  197. Katrina

    it was a beautiful box and Celtic cross on the blue tiger's eye pendulum, unfortunately the blue tiger's eye has a crack in it.

  198. Amanda

    Beautiful!!! Quality is wonderful a especially at this price. My intuitively picked pendulum is truly perfect for me.

  199. Jenn

    I ordered after reading the reviews. My hopes were high…and OH my goodness! This pendulum hit the mark in every way. My gorgeous pendulum is made of Eudialyte–and Pendulum King could not have chosen a better stone for me if he'd known me for twenty years. Of all the stones in the world…he chose the one that represents exactly what I'm dealing with in my life right now. On top of it…he added a moon charm. I'm a Cancer. The moon is my compass. The charm adds the final perfect touch!

    The pendulum itself is well made. Solid and sturdy. With lovely energy! The box is fantastic! Gorgeous little storage container. Shipping was SUPER quick.

    I ordered a pendulum for one of my friends…and I'll probably order for a couple more friends, too. Pendulum King indeed! Thank you!!!

  200. Tiffany Farr

    I LOVE the crystal that was selected for me! I had never heard of it, but researching the properties, found it fit what I needed what my other divination tools have told me I needed! Plus the box is beautiful with a triquetra on it and lined with my favorite color! The charm is beautiful as well. I am excited for my next order to arrive.

  201. Adria

    Quality Love, very impressed by my package… mystery pendulum…the box, the pendulum are both quality and have a good vibe

  202. Megan Cummings

    Review has no content.

  203. Sue

    This arrived just in Equinox timing.

  204. andrea8931

    I truly feel like it was handpicked for me and my taste. ? I haven't had a chance to calibrate it yet but the set is beautiful!

  205. Jessica

    I’m not sure that I would have picked Ruby Zoisite for myself, well because I had never heard of it, but it’s the vibes for me! I love it. I love the moon and star charm and box. I especially love the healing properties. It’s exactly what I need in my life right now. I may be recommended for a new career opportunity soon, plus I’m working on getting another aspect of my job conquered that is so intimidating for me. I’m already about to purchase another. Thank you!

  206. mariposa1985

    A perfect match! Natural Congo Citrine is beautiful and after researching the meaning behind it, I think you captured exactly my intentions. Blessed be.

  207. Christine Schubert

    I love my Arkansas Quartz pendulum! The store took my request for something special and this quartz did the trick. Corresponding with the shop owner was easy and fast. Shipping very fast and the quality is superb

  208. Melanie Choeun-La

    It came with the most gorgeous box and pendulum that I immediately felt connected too! Everything was packaged nicely and the pendulum was amazing quality!

  209. Ashley Jordan

    I love this soooo much! She couldn’t have picked one more perfect. Thank you so much!

  210. mcknightrakevia22

    I had to really gather my thoughts to write this ASTONISHING REVIEW… I choose the mystery pendulum box I really didn’t know which one to choose or where to begin. I am very new in my magical practice.., Let me just say I am overwhelmed with what my ancestors and spirit guides saw fit for me.., Eudalite is a stone I have never heard of doing my research this pendulum is just for me…. Thank you thank you thank you for allowing yourself to be still to bring me and my new pendulum together. Attached are the beautiful pictures… Peace Love and Light Asè

  211. Jessica Beckner

    It’s beautiful! Such a good choice ☺️

  212. Jamae

    Amazing! I love my pendulum and it was def made for me, I connected to it the moment I touched it!!

  213. Danielle Turcotte

    Absolutely love this pendulum. Great quality.

  214. Dianna

    Received one that was cracked. Contacted seller, they sent me a new one and a gifted one. Very beautiful. Awesome customer service.

  215. Brittany

    Review has no content.

  216. Carl

    Perfect, items are picked at random for you and it could not have been a better pick!

  217. Lizzy Sisk

    I love it! The box is beautiful and I love everything about it! Highly recommend this shop

  218. Alum Willow

    Very beautiful and I love the one I got. This shop is going on to the list of shop I’ll keep coming back to.

  219. Lexa Rey

    I was super intrigued on what stone I would receive when I ordered and I was not disappointed. I received Wavellite and when I researched the meaning and purposes it really hit home, even my husband was wowed. I will definitely order again in the future and I'm very thankful to receive such a purposeful crystal.

  220. Ellis Mae

    Absolutely amazing!! Definitely bjt what I would have picked myself at first glance but when I went to use it for the first time we connected super well. The meaning behind the stone and symbol matched what I needed in my life right now perfectly. Thank you!

  221. Richard Corey

    Perfect choice of labradorite for my pendulum! I was shopping for this same crystal the night I ordered this. Such a beautiful piece for my collection. Can't wait to try it out!

  222. Samantha Tilley

    Absolutely beautiful obsidian stone and a good size too. The little box is pretty and the pendulum rests in it perfectly. I adore it.

  223. terumiharris

    I bought this as a gift for my mom. She LOVED it!! He sent her the perfect stone for where she is right now. This was my third purchase (1st mystery set though) and my best friend has also purchased a mystery set…I’m so blown away by this shop owner’s intuition. ?

    I just ordered another mystery pendulum as another gift and also one for myself. I highly recommend this shop if you are in search of a pendulum! Ships fast, great customer service, quality pendulums that you really connect with. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  224. 4cr3x7h6b64jrvxb

    Review has no content.

  225. Gianna

    The pendulum is so beautiful and the charm as well. Thank you so much for this fine piece of quartz

  226. Hannah

    I was very nervous at first purchasing this but I’m so beyond happy I did! The box is messing with my ocd because it doesn’t shut on one side BUT I absolutely love it all the same the box reminds me of my father who passed away. The box alone just brings me so much joy. Than holding the pendulum I felt as if it was meant for me. I felt like I needed it. This is the best purchase I have ever made and I am beyond impressed! I am so very happy with everything and if I could give you a ten stars I would! Thank you so much I’m am so excited and happy I made this purchase!

  227. Sharon

    I love it… I so excited with the one I received… the wood box was so cute it top of everything it has the Triquetra on top and I love that symbol it was meant to be for me… thank you for picking that one it means a lot… thanks

  228. June

    So so happy with my pendulums. They’re wonderfully heavy & I get the clearest answers from the ones I’ve purchased from here so far.

  229. Jessy Taylor

    Review has no content.

  230. marisa donaldson

    My pendulum is beautiful and I love the little box it is in. I have had all of fun working with it!

  231. Amy

    I am so pleased with my mystery pendulum! I connected with it immediately and the quality is top notch.

  232. Kimberly Williams

    very impressed with the items I received!
    love them.
    Thank you!??

  233. Rachel Pich

    Review has no content.

  234. Leah McCall

    Review has no content.

  235. Breana Nicholas

    I received a Petoskey Stone Pendulum. Ive never even heard of that before but after looking up its attributes its very cool and looks awesome! 🙂 Definitely not something I would have ever picked for myself but immediately was able to program it and felt a good connection with it. Will definitely do business with again 🙂

  236. Molly K

    The crystal picked for me is communicative and just what I need to get back in touch with my spirituality! Passes the vibe check with flying colors!

  237. Fiona

    Review has no content.

  238. caralineb

    Review has no content.

  239. Janet Wesemeyer

    Nice quality pendulum, excellent seller communication, fast shipping and secure packaging, very happy with my purchase ?

  240. melanie3000

    What a fun and unique item! The sodalite stone and hamsa charm absolutely resonated with me. The only piece of jewelry I wear besides my wedding ring is a hamsa necklace. Amazing. The box is adorned with a pentagram, which didn’t hit me in the feels, but I do believe there is meaning /significance there that I’ve yet to uncover.

    I only wish this came with a little note explaining why each material was selected for me specifically. I would gladly pay extra for that!

    Overall, I love everything about this!

  241. Steph

    Review has no content.

  242. Ellie

    I was very excited about this and the seller did not disappoint. The box had a triquetra symbol on top, which is a symbol I connect to. I was skeptical at first about the stone because it was so dark-colored but after reading more about its properties, I realized it was a perfect fit. I would definitely buy from this seller again!

  243. Stefanie

    I am in complete awe of the pendulum that I received! I had an almost instant connection with it & have since bonded completely. Truly amazing energy and just all around feel! I will definitely be a repeat customer! Thank you so much!

  244. coveysandy

    I was blown away when I received my black
    moonstone today. Not only is it just simply beautiful but everything that I need in my life right now. I can't thank you enough.

  245. Brooke Farrow

    Absolutely gorgeous and perfect for me. I’m thrilled with the triquetra symbol on the gorgeous box and the stone seems to be intuitively chosen and could not be more fitting for my life right now. Thank you so much?

  246. amandabrittcomer1

    I am new to pendulums and owned two before this one, but they always fell apart, so I wanted to get serious and buy a high-quality pendulum. After much research, Pendulum King seemed like a perfect fit for me! When I first opened the box, I saw a dark brown unfamiliar stone. It did throw me off briefly, and I wasn't immediately drawn to the new pendulum, but..after reading more about dinosaur bone, I quickly understood why this was guided to me. I became very excited to have this unique tool at my disposal. (While I was sitting with the stone clock struck 4:44 ❤️.) I'm blown away by the weight, quality, and appearance of both the pendulum and the box. The box is very well made and will keep my pendulum so safe both physically and spiritually. My favorite part…the pendulum was intuitively picked just for me. ❤️

  247. Kimberly

    Review has no content.

  248. Alyssa

    This pendulum was exactly what I needed. I am in love. I would have never of thought to choose this stone so I'm extremely happy I did the mystery box. The topper of the whole thing was the chain, hit the nail on the head. I am obsessed with zodiac signs and that just fit me.

  249. kakimasho2013

    Lovely pendant arrived. Good communication, would buy from again.

  250. Parker Richard

    I’m incredibly amazed at how nice this pendulum truly is. I bought it about a week and a half before receiving it, and was a little skeptical. However, I opened it, and it came in a nice box with an absolutely stunning pendulum inside.

    Without knowing really anything about me, they picked our Septarian/Dragon’s Stone. I love dragons, particularly Chinese ones. It also closely aligns with what’s going on in my life. They also gave me a chain with a tree on the end of it.

    I would’ve never chosen this stone. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind. But after just an hour I’m already in love with it, and it feels extremely powerfully charged. I legitimately couldn’t be happier, even if I chose the stone, box and charm myself.

  251. katherinhill

    This piece is absolutely beautiful! The seller packages it amazingly and safely. Unfortunately the clasp for the chain was broken in transit but that is zero fault on the seller and 100% on the post office. I highly recommend this product!

  252. Rachel Lee

    I absolutely love my pendulum and the box is really pretty as well! Added bonus I was sent an emerald pendulum which is my birthstone!!

  253. Melanie

    Highly recommend 🙂

  254. Cecilia B

    Review has no content.

  255. Anna Thulin

    My pendulum is absolutely beautiful! I've never heard of endolite before, but I've never had a stone feel so powerful and alive in my hand. It's the most accurate and responsive pendulum I've ever had, and the box is just as well made and beautiful. I'll recommend this to anyone!

  256. Danielle

    Beautiful pendulum with a nice weight to it. Box that it came in is cute. Would but again.

  257. lucycary

    Wow! I feel so connected to my new pendulum. The choice of stone and amulet could not be more perfect. And this is the most responsive pendulum I have ever used – it gives clear answers almost immediately. I highly recommend!

  258. Sarah Cabrera

    Review has no content.

  259. Shawna

    I love the work done but using it for the first time the loop that connects the chain broke so now what ?

  260. Rose

    Wow! I don’t know how they did it but they chose a crystal that was exactly what I need! Yttrium Fluorite was what I got and when I researched it it’s good for people who are still learning and expanding their psychic abilities.I just found out I’m a clairsentient (I always knew I had abilities but I didn’t have the word for it) a week prior and I’m still learning my gifts through tarot, oracle and pendulums. I love everything about it and the vibes it gives are like nothing I’ve felt with any other pendulums out there.

  261. Bailey Kosanke

    Review has no content.

  262. Laura

    I absolutely love my pendulum. It's perfect! He knew exactly what I needed.
    I was thinking about tigers eye a lot before the pendulum came and was looking at my mom's hamsa. It's a very strong pendulum and I am really pleased with it.

    I will be buying more in the future!

  263. Cyndy Riegel

    simply amazing I love the personalized card and the packaging was beautifully done and the box is a keepsake I will be ordering again soon thank you for a wonderful experience

  264. Mu’Siqq Child

    Review has no content.

  265. Lori Hardy

    Beautiful energy in a beautiful pendulum!

  266. Heike

    Die Box ist total schön. Vielen lieben Dank. Das Pendel und die Kette gefallen mir auch sehr gut.

  267. Heike

    Die Box ist super. Die Kette für das Pendel gefällt mir auch sehr gut. Nur das Pendel selbst finde ich persönlich nicht ganz so schön. Es ist sehr groß und farblich nicht mein Geschmack.

  268. Becca w

    when i received my pendulum it the chain a knotted but the amazing seller worked with me and gave me a discount on my next purchase overall i am extremely satisfied and highly recommend this shop the craftsmanship alone is out of this world and customer service is even better i highly recommend them

  269. Chelsea Willis

    Absolutely in love! This is the perfect one for me! It felt right when I was holding the package! Thank you so much!??

  270. Anna

    Review has no content.

  271. Dinora Pitre

    OMG I loved my pendulum. It's so beautiful. I honestly had low expectations as I've gotten others that seem pretty beautiful in pictures but disappointed once received. I was a bit hesitant on the price but it's worth every penny at least from my perspective. I will def be purchasing more from them.

  272. Crystal

    Very cute box! Everything is exactly as said great shipping speed. Thanks

  273. Alexis

    I was a little hesitant about ordering a random pendulum, but all of that blew away when I opened the box. It's a beautiful crystal that resonated so well with me, and I know that I'll be using it for a long time to come. Thank you, Pendulumking!

  274. Kate

    Love at first sight!! What a beautiful stone with powerful vibrations that I felt immediately!! I was sent Yttrium Fluorite, a stone I’ve never heard of before until the moment I opened the little box. Upon researching this little gem I found that this stone will aide me wonderfully on my spiritual journey. Thank you kindly! Blessed be!

  275. Stephanie Bale

    It is a beautiful and well made pendulum. It is not mine, however. I don’t know yet who it is intended for, but it told me it is not mine. I will put it away until I run into the person it really belongs to. Thank you.

  276. Crystal HippieChick

    I am in LOVE with this beautiful cherry tanzurine pendant!!! The quality, shape, and weight at the end of the chain are perfect!! And I'm loving the box for storage.
    Thank you!

  277. Becca w

    absolutely perfect i got yttrium fluorite perfect thanks so much ??

  278. Vern

    hit the nail on the head with this purchase. I received exactly what I wanted!

  279. Elissa

    Review has no content.

  280. Ivy Warren

    I'm amazed at how spot on the crystal chosen was! it's beautiful and perfect for me! when I have the money, I'll buy another!

  281. Kate

    Love the coffin box and the amethyst is beautiful !!!

  282. JulianGuzman

    Review has no content.

  283. Amanda

    the rhodonite stone was the absolute most perfect stone for me. the intuitive choosing of this was spot on not to mention it's beautiful! the box and symbol all were perfectly chosen. thank you.

  284. Vince

    Review has no content.

  285. Stephanie Bale

    I immediately connected with this pendulum. She is absolutely gorgeous! I couldn’t be happier! Seller also has excellent customer service! Was extremely helpful. Thank you so much! Blessed Be!

  286. Meagen M

    This item is beautiful and was a gift for my best friend. It suits him perfectly!

  287. Abby Popp

    Absolutely beautiful, and perfect ! Instant connection!

  288. Cheryl Dumas

    My son loves it. Thank you!

  289. Susan Maxwell

    I was delighted with my pendulum choice! It was beautiful!

  290. Jean Jones

    I really liked mine a lot

  291. Christina

    stone selection, packaging, and charm were all very beautiful!

  292. Brenda Guy

    The story behind the meaning of the Petoskey Stone is ingrained into Michigan’s local history and reflects the unique history of this state. The meaning of the Petoskey Stone originates as a Native American name, Pet-O-Sega, which translates to ‘Sunbeams of Promise”, “Rising Sun”, or “Rays of Dawn”. Pet-O-Sega was also the name of a great Ottawa Chief. According to legend, this chief was the child of a French fur trader who was a descendent of nobility and a daughter of a Native American chief. As Pet-O-Sega was born sun rays fell on his face, signifying the rays of promise that his life would provide.

    As Pet-O-Sega grew up, he followed in his father’s footsteps and became a wealthy fur trader. The wealth that he accumulated from his trade allowed him to purchase land for his tribe and allowed him to act on his people’s behalf.

  293. Jessica Bishop

    When I opened this up before wrapping it, I knew it was just the perfect gift. The box is so lovely and the pendulum absolutely took my breath away. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I'm going to be ordering one for myself now! Thank you.

  294. Philip

    Very beautiful and nicely made. My daughter loves them❤

  295. Path to Peace

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  296. Stephanie DeMeyer

    the obsidian is gorgeous

  297. Sharli Takekawa

    I bought this as a Yule gift for a friend and she absolutely loves it.

  298. Kay Sumner

    one of my favorite etsy purchases to date. Lepidolite (the stone chosen) is one of my FAVORITE stones, perfect for stress relief and anxiety. the piece itself is gorgeous. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the box, it fits a tarot deck and my pendulum perfectly. also usps had some tracking issues (at no fault to the seller) but the package arrived on christmas eve!! Thank you so much!!

  299. Miranda Vega

    Best purchase I’ve ever made ❤️

  300. Staggerless

    Ordered this for my wife on christmas. We were both quite surprised when she opened the package. Carefully bubble wrapped inside a padded envelope was a coffin shaped box, inside, a black pendulum and matching black chain. We had no idea what to make of it at first, but the tree of life engraved on the coffin lid perfectly offset what at first seemed a bit gloomy lol. Research revealed that the stone guarded against malevolent entities, energy vampires and negative intentions. My wife was thrilled with the entire package.
    The one down note was that the clasp was damaged. I messaged Jason and he quickly set things right. Will definitely order from him again! 5 stars

  301. Sam

    I ordered 5 of these, everyone is absolutely stunning! Couldn’t be happier with them!

  302. Holly Olson

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  303. xiaofang ma

    I love it. I have never heard of indigo gabbro before so I looked it up online and found it is just the stone I need. What a lovely surprise to receive it at the last day of 2021. It is a great new year gift!

  304. Barbara Flaherty

    I love the pendulum that was chosen for me. It is actually my birthstone, so I was very pleased. The box is nice however I was expecting one that looked like the one in the picture, but it was not anything like that.

  305. Abby

    This was probably the coolest thing I’ve gotten so far from Etsy! I was a little bit skeptical of it at first but I’m so glad I got this! I got a clear quartz pendulum with an opal on it! (The seller had no known previous information about me) opal is my birthstone and one of my favorite gems! The pendulum is well crafted and feels like it was made for me (which it totally was but intuitively it’s amazing) this seller is the absolute real deal guys! 100% recommend this shop for pendulums! A little bit on the pricey side for a pendulum but so worth saving for! I wish I knew about this shop sooner! Nothing beats having a metaphysical/divination tool specifically for you! My box and charms had moons and stars which is very much like myself! I incorporated moons and stars in all my tattoos! This is worth it!!!
    Blessed be!?✨??‍♀️

  306. Brittany Chasteen

    I loved it, thank you

  307. Alexis Rodgers

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  308. Stephanie Sweeney

    It was a perfect match for my friend. It's a beautiful stone and the little chest it comes in is perfect.

  309. jnumling

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  310. annabel flemate

    Beautiful,magical, and all mine great quality gift can’t wait to use her

  311. srbeebe22

    The quality of the pendulum I received is unparalleled. The balance on it and the weight of it is great and the charm is very nice. I love that it was carefully selected just for me and I'm practicing some of the exercises listed in the description.

  312. Michael Ward

    This was a gift for my sister. She absolutely loves the Blue Quartz pendulum, as well as the beautiful little box it arrived in. Thank you for choosing such a beautiful piece to share with her!

  313. Callie

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  314. Danielle Strobel

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  315. Melanie

    The pendulum came well protected in a beautiful box, and I was very satisfied with the pendulum selection! I didn't realize how much I needed it until now! And the chain has a beautiful charm on the other end! No regrets purchasing this product!

  316. Jennifer Carrington

    Thank you! I love my box and pendulum. I’ll have to look up what obsidian does!

  317. S. Cavaco

    Very nice. The Pendulum is beautiful!!

  318. Cacy Thomas

    Such a beautiful pendulum and so well picked. I am thrilled with every aspect of this purchase!

  319. A Abate

    I received my mystery pendulum and box today and I am in love! It's better than I could have imagined!

  320. Sylvie Gerodier Mathews

    Love it. Recommend. It’s an adventure when you open the boxe. For me the symbols on the boxe, the pendulum were exactly me. Thank you so much.

  321. Tina

    Very beautiful pendulum! Feels like a good match! Thank you

  322. Shannon Voegele

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  323. Kimberlee Abend

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  324. Dinora Pitre

    This isn't my first pendulum, I've bought a few and as always they are beautifully made. They're amazing and just beautiful overall. Shipping was fast and well packaged to ensure safe arrival.

  325. Karissa Rafael

    What a beautiful piece! I’m new to this and researched the Tanzurine Quarts I received. Dead on what I needed. Thank you so much! More purchases to come ?? Couldn’t be happier .

  326. Amanda Searles

    Beautiful. Thank you!

  327. Paityn..S

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    Wow. Absolutely beautiful- high quality; the perfect pendulum! Thank you so much!

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  331. Michael Keller

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  332. Charmaine

    I am in love with my new pendulum! ? Definitely recommend, and will be purchasing again when the time comes

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  335. Rhon-Ivone

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  336. Nicole

    I received a beautiful green opal pendulum. This more than met my expectations in quality and style. I love it!

  337. Rayna Torinese

    Love my pendulum and the box very very happy!

  338. Jax

    Beautiful and perfect for me.

  339. sophia

    amazing, a little delay on delivery but so worth it.

  340. Emily

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  341. Amy

    Box is beautiful, pendulum choice excellent. I love it.

  342. Subliminal Works

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    Love my crystal and the box! So perfect and I love how it was intuitively chosen for me. Thank you so much. ?

  344. Tia

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