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This is the vendor app for the reoccurring East Texas – Polk County Pagan Market Event in Livingston TX at Pedigo Park (Same location as last event). This page is for the Beltane market on April 29th in Livingston.

Vendor apps are now open for our Beltane,for our other event’s..please click on one of the following to access our Lughnasadh and Samhain events. The form below is for our next event, the Beltane market on April 29th.

We have added up to 25 additional free spaces for those who want to host classes, workshops, Pagan related organizations or any legal non profit organizations. These will be free spots if approved. Please click on this link for the non profit application.

As you know, this is a free public event. To help offset the costs involved we have added sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors will be included on our event fliers, merch and videos. To sponsor the beltane market please visit

Events in Livingston Texas. Pagan Market. Pagan Gathering.

No Proselytizing. This is an outside event, bring your own table and chairs or canopy. Electric and water provided. Booth sharing is permitted by multiple vendors, but every vendor must submit an application and be on the approved list to be insured.

For those that would like to send us printed media to distribute at the Festival (newsletters, magazines,etc), please mail to:

The Polk County Pagan Market

657 Autumn Lane

Livingston Texas 77351

We do not allow the sales of guns or ammo.

  1. Vendors are responsible for collecting their own sales tax/ licensing and proper requirements by the State of Texas. Polk County Pagan Market is not responsible for maintaining tax records of each vendor. For those needing a sales tax permit, you may do so by applying on the Texas comptroller website for free.

2. We are at limit on reader only booths. I will not be approving any that have not vended with us before unless its a mixed booth with reading as non primary and meet a few other conditions that we will mention later. We don’t wanna over saturate our regular vendors and create a competitive market for them.

3. Those that have vended before do not need to put in new apps anymore. We have your info on file. But you must reserve your booth space from the product listing on each event (link located in our FB group). This has to be done before new approvals so that it does not show in the product listings. If for some reason not approved, we will get with you from there.

4. Market grants that pay for booth spots to those that can’t pay can only be done once. I don’t mind covering for anyone if they can’t afford it, But Its just fair if you succeed the first time that the next should be paid to help us all cut costs on this.

5. Booth placements are first come first serve. We may have to move some around before final list to keep things separated. I feel like if we move spots around a bit from market to market it will help it stay fresh. We will be doing the final placement layout at our discretion. A pavilion spot is not guaranteed.

6. Payments are non refundable. This is because we advertise the vendors up until the event and put money toward that. So if you cancel, we can not refund due to the amount of money spent to market it.

7. We want to keep this an uplifting and safe atmosphere. One of our biggest things is being a “safe space”. So i have to make sure we are all in a positive atmosphere and feel comfortable in the group setting as best as possible. Im not able to be monitoring all booths just yet at the same time, so if anyone has any complaints about anything just please message me privately and we will address it. At the same time, We are always going to have a little trash to clean up, thats expected. But, if it goes beyond that on purpose then we can not approve again.

8. Most of all: if you are a no call/no show without letting us know.. You will either not be approved for next event OR not allowed to hold another spot (will be whatever is open the day of). This does not apply to those that let us know.

The Polk County Pagan Market is proud to announce its upcoming Polk County Beltane Market on April 29th.

For all things Polk County Pagan Market market related, not specific to vendor info.. Please watch and follow our Facebook page at All official news and info is posted there publicly. For info on our last event please visit

**If you have relevant Pagan news that you would like us to share, please email me at [email protected]

Upcoming Events

ALSO SEEKING: People to host open circle, Hosts for Group Ritual/Blessing, Those that would like to host drum circles or dance, Music, Other forms of entertainment. Workshops. Please use the Volunteer app for this at .

For this market, vendor fee is $40 for all non food OR $45 for food trucks/Concessions to offset some costs of insurance/cleaning/etc. Vendors who was approved to vend our first market will be get a $10 discount. Pavilion booths are 10x 20, field spaces are larger.

Check out our event listing on Eventbrite. If planning to go, please submit for a free ticket to help us keep an estimated count of how many to expect.

*Please do not use this form for any reasons other than vendor application. IP’s are logged, anyone misusing this system will be subject to legal.

On approval you will receive a link to purchase your booth space.

Beltane (April 29th) Vendor app

Beltane (April 29th) Vendor app

*Please do not submit more than one app. It can take up to 2 weeks for approval, multiple apps will be denied* If you plan on being a vendor at this market, please fill out this form as best as possible. All vendors need to fill this out, even if you are sharing a booth. You will be contacted by email regarding approval and additional info. If for some reason not approved, any payment will be refunded. If you are applying for a GRANT SPACE, please give extra time for review. As only a certain number of these are approved.

Contact name
Contact name
In some cases, we will approve a grant to cover vendor fees for those that are in need. Do you need to be considered for the grant?
Have you vended with Polk County Pagan Market before today??
Halloween event in Livingston
Pagan Market in Livingston texas is a gathering of Pagans, Wiccans, Covens, Witches and more to celebrate Imbolc in East Texas.