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Crystal Mystery Pendulum * Witchcraft * Wicca * Pagan * Mystery Pendulum NO BOX

(21 customer reviews)




Crystal Mystery Pendulum. Custom made hand carved crystal pendulum. Made from high quality authentic crystals. Teardrop pendulum design. You will receive 1 high quality pendulum.

The difference in this listing between our most popular mystery pendulum listing, this is for a pendulum without a storage box, If you would like a pendulum and box set, please choose the other listing.

You will receive one hand made high quality pendulum out of authentic crystals.

I can include a digital certificate of authenticity by email if requested, verifying the date made, the moon phase and the stone used. I can guarantee the authenticity of each stone and that it is an ethically sourced crystal.

This is a perfect choice for those that want a powerful hand crafted and rare pendulum.

The chains on these pendulums are designed to be held just under your end charm, this gives you a direct hold on the pendulum chain for a more connected energy flow.

All stones are 100% authentic, we stand firmly behind the quality of our stones and the source.

Additional information

Crystal Choice

Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Choose for Me, Clear Quartz, Hackmanite, Labradorite, Mystic Merlinite, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby Fucshite, Ruby Zoisite, Smokey Quartz, Sodalite

21 reviews for Crystal Mystery Pendulum * Witchcraft * Wicca * Pagan * Mystery Pendulum NO BOX

  1. Kendra

    Review has no content.

  2. ella george

    I have never purchased anything where I did not know what I was getting. I took a chance and am very happy with the Mookite Jasper pendulum that I received! The charms attached to the chain are very cute. I have been recently been very into collecting Jaspers and Mookite is one that I have not found one that I connected with, this one was an instant connection.

  3. L C

    Review has no content.

  4. Jamie Orr

    This is my first pendulum. I have yet to try it out, but I'm already very attached to it. The Hackmanite chosen seems to fit me well. Greatly recommended! 🙂

  5. Faith Quinn

    The pendulums are so beautiful. I bought one for my brother and one for me. Also the owner is really fast at responding and very helpful. Will be buying from here in the future!

  6. Roy

    i was walking to the mailbox thinking about how neat it would be if my pendulum was made of malachite, and looky here! malachite is my favorite crystal, so my jaw dropped when i opened my package. i couldn't ask for a better piece for me. the shape, weight, and banding are perfect and there's even some neat little druzies on the backside. also i love the little sea turtle charm!

    thank you so much for my pendulum, I'll cherish it!

  7. Amanda Bryson

    I was so nervous about ordering blindly. but I nearly cried when I opened the box. it was the exact crystal I was hoping for, and then the moon chain attached really made me emotional, as I have a deeply rooted past enveloped in the moon. great communication, great packaging. in love

  8. Lindsay D’Angelo

    Absolutely beautiful pendulum. Thank you!

  9. Melisa

    Came faster than expected. Packed nicely. Thank you so much, for picking such a beautiful pendulum for me. After doing some research about this stone, I found that it is normally associated with the Gemini zodiac sign. I just happen to be a Gemini. I will, for sure, be buying from this shop in the future.

  10. Emilie Rockwell

    I was nervous because I didn’t know what stone I was going to get. It came in the mail and I was so surprised and amazed how perfect the stone was for me. I wasn’t expecting it to be in a box but it was shipped with a lot of care. I will definitely ordering again. I love the blue quartz that was sent.

  11. Amber Troiano

    Review has no content.

  12. Emilie Rockwell

    Well again it was beyond my wildest dreams and perfect for me. Just had an issue with Usps keeping it on track but got delayed a day, but nothing anyone could control. I’ve learned about a new stone I’ve never heard of waverllite. It couldn’t be prettier.

  13. lunar wine

    Love the sun charm to match the moon one on the other pendulum I ordered, so cute. I am in love with the bits of mauve and purple, beautiful

  14. lunar wine

    Getting a mystery is always scary. I got this stunning orange citrine. Love the moon charm and the extra. Thank you so much

  15. Intuitive Insights

    Wish I could give a MILLION STARS!❤️ This is my third ever pendulum (two others are from different shops) and let me tell you….this is the BEST ever pendulum I have EVER USED!!!! I kid you not, I wasn’t a huge fan of pendulums before this, but after getting my pendulum here and finally using it, I am in love! And I have a new appreciation for them. They’re so beautiful and well crafted. It’s like comparing a computer from the 90’s to a sleek new laptop from today’s Era! It’s so well balanced, and I finally feel like I’m able to get accurate answers I’ve always wanted. I thought I was just using them wrong, turns out I just needed a well made one!!! Can’t thank you enough pendulum king, already debating which crystal pendulum I’ll buy next!😂👌❤️

  16. julieandr31

    Great work beautiful crystal! Great price.

  17. GabrielleRose

    They are absolutely beautiful! Once again I’m blown away. (: I have purchased several pendulums from the pendulum king and each & every single one has been perfect. I highly recommend purchasing from this shop. Perfect energy, beautiful work, awesome communication, and quick shipping. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever purchase a pendulum from anyone else ever again. Thank you so much! I love that he had choseRuby Zoisite & Birds Eye Rhyolite for me. Both of which I immediately connected with. I am more then pleased and always impressed. Love love love!! Thank you so much!

  18. sherryhawk

    This pendulum is gorgeous! Buy one, you absolutely won’t regret it.

  19. Blue Cat

    The crystal the seller chose was absolutely amazing and I was so surprised that it related to both my birth stone and my native country. Shipping was fast and the quality is great!

  20. Jenn

    I've now purchased three pendulums from Pendulum King. One for myself, one for a friend, and one for a family member. He hit the mark every time! We all feel that our pendulums reflected our needs/desires in a pendulum. They worked well immediately out of the package. No need for cleansing/attuning! I got answers that have evaded me for quite some time on the first use–and they were extremely helpful answers.

    Each pendulum was beautiful and well made. I've worked with a variety of pendulums. None were as carefully crafted as my new one from Pendulum King. I think it'll last a lifetime!

    10/10 would buy again! Five thousand stars!!!

  21. Jenn

    Excellent quality! Wonderful intuitive selection of the pendulum sent. Perfect! 10/10 would buy again!!! Thanks Pendulum King! This pendulum is a true treasure.

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