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Stop paying for Tarot Card readings, witchcraft spell work, etc online! Anyone can grab a simple tarot deck and book online and learn what each card means with just a little reading. I believe there is even phone apps that teach the cards of certain decks types. In this day and age Online Tarot Card readings & witchcraft spell work has became a huge online scam. In this article I will lay it out for you..

Since the popularity of Wicca/Witchcraft and the rise of the internet in the 1990’s, the growing number of self proclaimed psychic professionals has risen. They grab a book on tarot cards, or a few books on witchcraft/wicca and see money signs. They then turn to facebook, where anyone can create a facebook business page, and start soliciting people that want to learn witchcraft/wicca or those who are interested. And lets face it, most of us when we want or need answers, we seem to look past logic and will jump at the chance of getting those answers. That’s exactly what they are waiting for!

When doing online readings, many things can be created. A simple google search of your name will tell a psychic reader a lot about your life (address, family names, work, etc). That same search on social media sites will tell even more, (friends names, where you visit the most, business you frequent, that recent break up or death, pictures of you and your family). Now all of this can be done after you schedule an appointment and prepared before the Tarot or Psychic reading ever starts. Or it can be done in a matter of minutes while you are in a session.

This Article tells about physical Tarot Card reading shops and how they scam you. In it, the information below was mentioned, which goes basically the same for online readings…

•    Hidden Fees  The initial price for a psychic reading may be as low as $5 or $10 or $25 and the psychic reading may seem accurate. When they feel they have your confidence they’ll tell you that you have a curse on you or some such dire announcement. They will offer to remedy the situation by praying or performing a ritual for you – for a hefty fee in the hundreds or thousands of dollars! Or they may try to sell you something such as a candle for an exorbitant sum.

Solitary Wiccan's Bible by Gavin Frost & Yvonne Frost

Now lets talk about Witchcraft Spell work or Wicca Spell work.

Charging money for spell work has been a growing business for these fly by night wicca book readers. This is crap.. And 90 percent of spell work is your personal energy and intentions that you put into it. How much intention do you think a random stranger that you paid money to will have for your desired spell outcome? Witchcraft isn’t something that you order online.

Also popping up is these so called Wiccans/Witches that offer to teach courses for a fee. There is some great ones out there, but there is also a lot of fakes. Just doing a quick search for wicca schools on facebook.. I find one scam that jumps out to me within minutes. Check it out here and you be the judge, The Coven & School of Real Wiccan Witches.. Watching this page for a few days I have seen them delete negative reviews and reply to negative comments nearly daily. They even claim to be ordained (3 times), with a quick look at the admins Facebook profile you can find an image of the ordained certificate which belongs to an online Humanism website that can be obtained instantly by anyone, just by filling out the details here . I decided to dig a little deeper, by sending them a message on facebook asking what Tradition of Wicca do they teach.. The reply was that I must book an appointment for $10 to get them to answer any questions. So shortly after (this is a few days into this), I decide to leave a review on their Facebook page warning people & telling everyone where that ordained certificate was obtained by leaving the link. By over night the review was deleted.

This is most likely someone who has read a few books on witchcraft and decided they want to be the guru and make a killing off of handing you down false information. Any true wiccan will help you, guide you, mentor you and give you a reading list..if you truly want to learn. Now I will say there is real courses out there. And they do charge some money, it usually covers the cost of the website upkeep or reading materials or time put into it. By doing a little bit of looking on google for the keywords “Learn Wicca”…I found one site that offers a free course delivered by email once a week over a period of a year. I looked at the course outline and it looks good. I have not read any of the material but I couldn’t image anyone would fake that much info for free. If you want to check out the Free Witchcraft course and Learn Wicca, check them out by going here

I have seen several covens that offer some really great course outlines..and there’s always the original Church and School of Wicca by Gavin & Yvonne Frost (Basically the people who made Celtic Wicca Public & has fought in the supreme court for our rights as Wiccans). I know that they offer an introductory to witchcraft course for just $10..but that random person on the internet wants $50 to teach you something that cant be verified. Just do your research, look for a course outline, ask questions, google reviews…if any of that info is hidden it is for a reason.

FEES for Witchcraft or Spell work.

Most Wiccans do not believe in charging fees for readings or witchcraft spell work. In fact, most Wiccans will only charge money on things that involve an overhead cost (such as candles, hand made goods, merchandise, etc). I personally do free pendulum readings for my friends because I love to do it. Usually if there is some really high fees involved in something like a Tarot Reading, Pendulum reading, Spell Work etc.. Then the person offering is either not truly Wiccan, or knows they will only be able to con you once and want to get all they can the first time.

I am very active in many Wicca/Pagan/Witchcraft facebook groups and follow many pages, blogs etc. Even though I am a lifelong Wiccan (Celtic Tradition), I love learning the ways of others. I also don’t mind lending a hand and giving a little advice if its a subject I’m familiar with. I’m a true believer in “Speak Little and Listen Much”. With that being said, I have seen a growing number of misinformation out there. And that’s to be expected, but the problem is within the online Wicca community we have people charging fees to hand down this false information. From what i have seen, around 75% of the info in the Wicca/Witchcraft Groups on Facebook is not true. Wicca is being made out to be some Harry Potter style magic act, which just isn’t true. Please verify your sources people, ask questions, compare, research. Wicca is open to anyone that wants to learn so as long as they don’t push their beliefs on others, and harm none (including yourself).

Just be careful when buying services online relating to Witchcraft or Wicca. Please use our comments below to discuss this article.