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We are now entering the time of year in which many places of employment have their annual holiday party. As a result, people often have a little too much to drink and either make fools of themselves, or hook up with someone they shouldn’t. Sometimes, it’s both. The astrological conditions are ripe for both this week so let’s be careful out there…

On Monday, Jupiter enters Capricorn. That’s a larger effect than a typical weekly forecast would normally be able to cover, but I can tell you this much: If you have read anything negative about Jupiter in Capricorn, there is an aspect coming next week that should more than compensate for that. Stay tuned!

There are two important aspects that are exact on Tuesday that could make or break your reputation at that aforementioned office party, or with your personal life in general. The first of these is Mercury sextile Pluto. This aspect can make for clear and concise communication, and can help you get your point across in a strong and direct manner, without being overpowering.

True, Mercury sextile Pluto might make it easier for you to either talk yourself into or out of trouble in your love life. But use your brain cells wisely when approaching others. That’s because the other aspect that is exact on Tuesday is Venus sextile Mars. A Venus-Mars aspect can make it a great time to socialize and hang out with your friends, but this is a love and romance forecast — so let’s focus on that angle. You may find that there is more than the usual amount of sexual tension in the air around you. That can be a lot of fun, but again — my previous warning about appropriate behavior stands.

Sun square Neptune is exact on Sunday. This may result in low energy levels, or low levels of resistance to the charms of another. It might even affect your immune system, so be careful who you let sneeze on you this week. That’s all important to keep in mind this week because Sunday is also the exact date of…

Venus sextile Neptune. When you put Venus and Neptune together, even with the relatively safe and low-key sextile aspect, it’s a great time for romance. Heck, it’s a great time to fall in love! What’s wrong with that? Nothing I guess, provided you have chosen wisely and thought out the potential consequences of your new romantic endeavor. That and: if you’re planning on letting anyone… um… sneeze on you? Use protection.

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