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Given that for many of us around the world, this is what’s called the holiday season, the zodiac will be taking the week off. Thus there will be no forecast here. There is no way anything dramatic is going to happen this week, especially not when so many of you are going to be drinking and dining with family and discussing politics and the like.

Ha! Kidding.

The week is still largely under the influence of Mars sextile Pluto. You and others around you may be more assertive, argumentative, or more focused on attaining dominance in your relationships. At least the sextile aspect is a relatively gentle one, and this might mitigate some of the worst side effects one can get from a Mars-Pluto aspect.

Furthermore, Sun conjunct Jupiter, which is exact on Friday, will tend to make people generally cheerful and friendly and outgoing. So really, why waste any time worrying about anything? Everyone, get out there and have a good holiday season, and I wish you the best in 2020.

Ha! Kidding again! There is a Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Thursday. This Eclipse at 4 degrees Capricorn is closely conjunct Jupiter. Sometimes a conjunction to Jupiter can make things more cheerful, and sometimes it can make things bigger and louder. If you or anyone close to you has any major placements close to the four degree mark of the cardinal signs (that is, Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn), this could make those holiday gatherings a little more stressful, or at least eventful, than usual.

A Solar Eclipse is also a New Moon. Full Moons are the ones that get the reputation for making things crazy, but there can also be a certain similar effect during a New Moon.

So, how to handle your human relations if a knife fight breaks out over the dinner rolls at Christmas? First of all, try to be the mature one. Mars sextile Pluto makes things potentially disruptive, but as I mentioned earlier, it could be worse. Mars sextile Saturn is also still in effect, and that adds a little more self-control to the matter.

Finally this holiday, try to adopt the spirit of Venus in Aquarius. This is a “love horoscope,” and that usually implies something involving sex or romance. Let’s keep in mind that love comes in many forms though, and that many traditions celebrate a sort of “universal love” at this time of year. To be honest, it’s been a very rough year for many of us. And for many of us, next year won’t be a picnic either. But in the meantime? We still have hope, even the least of us. And if we can all reflect that very Venus in Aquarius sentiment to one another? We’re going to get through this all right, I swear.

Joy to the World!

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