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In these troubled and confusing times, there is a strong temptation to find comfort in the arms of another. This week will certainly provide some interesting opportunities for you to do just that, with (as is often the case) just a little bit of a warning about choosing wisely.

On Tuesday, Mars enters Scorpio. Whether the subject is romance or not, Mars is the planet of hunting and chasing things. Whereas Mars in Libra may have had too much of a tendency to just try to lie around and look good and hope that someone pays attention, Mars in Scorpio follows an entirely different modus operandi. Like Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio is a very strong placement. Unlike Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio is more likely to prefer going after an objective, relying in large part on gut instinct and subtlety, rather than simply giving in to the urge to charge.

That particular skill set can be great when it comes to pursuing a new relationship with someone. It does not, however, come without warning… as we will see later in the forecast.

On Wednesday, Mercury retrograde ends. In theory, it will continue to be in the “shadow period” after that until early December, while it regains the ground lost during the retrograde. Nonetheless, the worst of it is over, and I hope your experience of this particular retrograde was less messed up than mine.

As far as dating and romance, there are two major aspects that, although they are not exact until Sunday, have an influence over the entire week.

First of all, Venus conjunct Jupiter could be considered an excellent opportunity for socializing and partying. This is especially so given that the conjunction happens in Sagittarius. “Partying” can cover a lot of ground, and this particular conjunction happens at the Galactic Center. So if your idea of a good time is spending your weekend meditating and reaching out to explore higher consciousness and spirituality? You’ll be able to “party” that way too. Or, you know, you could come and hang out in the bar with the rest of us. Your choice.

So with all of that good news going on, it’s hard to imagine anything screwing up, right? Not so fast. Here is that warning I mentioned earlier. Sunday is also the day that Mars opposite Uranus is exact, but this aspect colors both all of this week and next week. This is not so much a dangerous aspect as … well … potentially kind of weird. You may find that your sex drive is amplified or that it is directed in new and unusual places. That sort of thing is all fine and well, but just make sure that you’re not falling madly in bed with someone because it’s a challenge more so than anything else. Also, watch your temper and blood pressure, and those of the people around you.

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