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This is an easy to use guide meant to show how to use Pendulums for Beginners. The pendulum is an informal system of divination that can be used by anyone.

How the tool works exactly is debatable: What we know is that tapping into our subconscious with relaxation and meditation helps us use pendulums to answer questions. Some pendulum diviners feel that they are actually communicating with spirits or guides, or that their answers come specifically from their deity.

Below I will go into some basic steps for beginners to learn to use pendulums, along with an exercise that will help you get an understanding. This is guide serves to teach Pendulums for Beginners.

But First, What is a Pendulum? A pendulum is a weighted object on the end of a string or chain. Some Wiccans feel that the best pendulums are made out of copper (copper is conductive which is more easy for energy to flow). Also sometimes certain crystals or gemstones may be used for the pendulum itself to intensify predictive readings. For now, lets start with string with any weighted object. If you can hold the top of the string and the bottom swings freely in all directions, you have a perfect pendulum. Traditionally, the length of string is 9 inches, although depending on the length of your forearm, you can adjust it to your personal preference. You can make a pendulum yourself quite easily – all you need is string, and an object to tie to the bottom of the string. Once you are ready, If you’d prefer to buy a ready-made pendulum, then most New Age and Wiccan bookshops will sell them, and you can also buy them online here at our store here

Now that you have made your first pendulum, lets get prepared. Once you have your pendulum created and in hand the first thing we must do is find a comfortable sitting position. In most cases I personally use my meditation position, legs crossed Indian style with back straight up. It is important to find an area where you are in your comfort zone. You may choose outside sitting on the earth, or in your house comfortable sitting in the floor. Either way find your place and get comfortable.

Setting the mood. When reading pendulums it is important to clear your mind. So in this case we do what helps to get you in that state of mind. In some cases people will put on relaxing sounds of nature in the background, some will light candles or use incense. Me, I just like hearing nature, so the sounds of the birds and crickets are just fine for me. What ever relaxes you and helps you open your mind, this is what we recommend.

Now lets get started. While in position and clear mind, Lets visualize a flow of energy coming from the ground and channeling up to your feet then eventually channeling that energy out from your hand. Specifically the tip of your index finger and thumb. Visualize that energy flowing from you to the pendulum. To get started, we will hold our pendulum with the tip of our index finger and thumb. To be clear, we are holding the chain (or string) that holds the pendulum just a couple of inches down from opposite end of string. Let the excess string lay in the cup of your hand. Now extend your arm holding the pendulum out about a foot or so in front of your chest. Your hand should be just about lined up with center of your chest about a foot or 2 in front of it.

learn to use pendulums

Now, holding your pendulum chain (or string) with the tip of your index finger and thumb and the energy flowing to it, ask out loud (or silently, whichever is preferred) to show you your movement pattern. Give it a little time and your pendulum should be moving in a pattern, mine is a clockwise rotation. This is your movement pattern, and should be the same every time. Practice this, make sure to get a clear understanding of your movement pattern, you will need to identify it before you can identify anything else.

Now that you know your movement pattern, ask to show you your YES. The movements will eventually change, my yes and no pattern works like an x with yes being a movement like / and no being a movement like \. Now once you have got a good solid understanding of your yes, repeat these steps for your NO. I would recommend taking some time on all 3 of these so that you know your movement pattern, your YES and your NO.

Once you have repeated this over and over we can move on with an exercise to help you understand your readings, before you move to actual questions.

Try this Pendulums for Beginners Exercise: You can do this several ways, but what i recommend starting with is this. Take a deck of playing cards. Remove the Ace of diamonds, Ace of Hearts, and Ace of Spades. Now set the rest of the deck aside and let’s use these 3 cards. Take these 3 cards, mix them up without looking at the faces and place them face down in a triangle. Space the 3 cards out several inches apart. Now get in your position, clear your mind, visualize your energy flow and use your pendulum over each card. What we are looking for is the card that don’t belong, in this case it is the Ace of Spades. First, establish your movement pattern over your card… once you have this, then ask if this is the card that dont belong. Make note of either the yes or no movement. Move on to the next card and repeat until you get a yes, once you have a solid yes flip the card over and you should have your Ace of Spades. It will take some time for this to work, you will have to get familiar, just keep practicing. Once you do get it, you will always pick the right card. This will teach you to read YES or NO questions.

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Another exercise is much like the one above. Only this time instead of moving our pendulum over each card, we will position it in the center of the triangle. Now we will ask to show us the card that doesn’t belong. Your pendulum will point to the card with a back and forth pattern. Whichever direction the pendulum swings the farthest, is your CARD. Practice, repeat. This will teach you to use charts (Letter charts are basically the same concept of a spirit board).

Once you have mastered these 2 exercises, you are ready to use your pendulum in every day readings. Please comment or post below and let us know how this worked for you. Remember, these are the techniques that work best for us. There is no one way, if you have other exercises for beginners, we would love to hear it.

Thanks for checking out this Pendulums for Beginners guide. Please take a look at our store while your here! Or add us on Facebook

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