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Join us on April 29th in Livingston Texas for another gathering of Pagans, Witches, Spiritualists and like minded individuals from all around. We will be celebrating Beltane with up to 100 vendors offering a variety of unique specialty items. Food, entertainment and more.

For those that do not know, Beltane is a Pagan holiday, and one of the eight Sabbats. It falls about halfway between the spring equinox (Ostara) and the coming summer solstice, Litha. The holiday celebrates spring at its peak, and the coming summer. Beltane also sometimes goes by the name May Day. This holiday is associated very strongly with fertility.

From google “Modern-day pagans celebrate Beltane in a variety of ways. One way to celebrate is with a maypole. In this custom, a pole is placed in a field with ribbons attached. Each person (usually women and girls) will grab a hold of their own ribbon, and dance around the pole in a special way, so as to weave the ribbons into a specific pattern. This is one of the more common fertility rituals that might take place on this day. Celebrators also might weave flowers into their hair, or create a floral wreath to wear upon their head as a celebration of spring. Some pagans light a bonfire and dance around (or even over) it, which is another common fertility ritual for the day. Lastly, some people prepare “May baskets,” and fill them with flowers and goodwill. They give the baskets to someone in need of care, such as an elderly friend, or someone who is recovering from an illness.” As for this event, we will be celebrating in a safe and fun atmosphere. All ages event, proslyzation free zone.

The Polk County Pagan Market is a fairly new event. A growing market that has met some pushback from Religious opposition in its beginning. On November 12th 2022 the first event was held in Livingston successfully. Nearly 500+ people came to visit with from all around, despite the small protests set up outside of the event by out of town Christian groups, such as a small group of protestors self titled “Laborors of Christ“. Following this, the second event was held on Imbolc February 4th 2023, featuring 96 vendors and seen a 1500+ turnout. Once again it was met with some protests from the same group, only smaller numbers (less than 10). The group set up at the entrance of the event with a bullhorn to harass the festival for 7 hours straight, while live streaming on youtube and facebook. View numbers were extremely low (less than 50 views in 2 weeks). Some of this can be seen on their youtube channel and some of it can be seen in the video link below.

The Polk County Pagan Market has several more gatherings coming up this year. Beltane, Lughnasadh and a big Samhain/Halloween festival to end the year on. Our Samhain event on October 28th 2023 will feature vendors, entertainment and a treat street of sorts. We will be handing out candy, have activities for the kids, costume contest, pumpkin carving contest, along with traditional Samhain activities. As with all of our events, this will be a free event but donations are welcome.

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The upcoming Polk County Beltane Market will feature up to 100 vendors, more than 30 door prizes, entertainment, a maypole, along with many Pagans coming just to network. This event will be featuring a school supply drive headed up by Southern Belle Spells. Those that bring a school supply donation will enjoy huge exclusive discounts from more than 40 vendors.

For more information about The Polk County Pagan Market or specifically the Beltane Market, please visit our Facebook page or check out eventbrite for free tickets to all of our current dates.

Vendor applications should be directed to

Other inquires can be directed to email