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Charging Amulets…Amulets are objects that usually are made by human hands, intended to ward off negative influences. With wearing, they tend to lose their energy, and also occasionally to pick up any negativity that has been directed at the wearer. The good news is this: They can be cleansed and re-charged.

The cleansing process extensively tested by psychic Peter Hurkos is this:

Place the amulet in a freezer for 24 hours, and then place it in a hot environment: either boiling water or an oven set to 300 F: 15 minutes in either case. Repeat the process three times.

After this the amulet should be effectively cleansed both of the energy (whether positive or negative) that has been imbued into it by the wearer and/or by the person who charged it.

Obviously you have to be careful that the amulet is not made of a material that will be destroyed by such environments

Charging Amulets:

The most simple process of re-charging is to place it in direct sunlight at high noon for an hour three days in succession; or in moonlight at full moon for an hour three nights in succession. If you do not have the option of using direct sun- or moonlight (for instance, if you are an inmate), here is an alternative procedure.

Stand in Star Position (Alternate version for Charging Amulets )

(feet shoulder-width apart, arms outstretched at shoulder height, left palm up, right palm down [for right-handers], head tilted slightly back)

for five minutes at the time you know the sun will be overhead, and recharge yourself. Then bring your hands down. Hold the amulet between the palms and concentrate on putting your energy into it. Your dominant hand is your charging hand; your secondary hand is your receiving hand (left hand for right-handers, right hand for left-handers). If you are right-handed, this means the energy normally travels from the right palm into the left palm. You can check the effectiveness of your charging by psychometrizing the amulet afterward, remembering to place it in your receiving/secondary hand

This process is easy and straightforward, and accessible to everyone. It should be done at least once every six months to every amulet you employ.