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Interested in doing a card reading for yourself or for someone else?

These steps will allow you to properly handle your oracle cards and treat them as the divination tools that they are. Whether you are reading for yourself or someone else, its important to set the intention of providing accurate, honest reading for the highest good.

Tarot Cards

These types of readings can be done in person or video conference or by phone, just like all readings; it does not need to be in person. (if you are doing distant readings obviously you will pick the cards for your client)

Step one: Set the Scene to clear your space of any former energies that may be lingering and to let spirit know you are ready to connect. Here are some things you can do to “send a signal” that you would like to connect with spirit and obtain guidance and knowledge.

Smudge the area

Light some candles/incense.

Gather crystals and put them throughout your work space. Ideally, crystals that have a high vibration and help connect to spirit (selenite, clear quartz, fluorite, amethyst, and sodalite are some of my favorites!)

**Please note you do not have to follow these rituals, do what YOU feel comfortable with and what works best for you.

Before any psychic/divination work it is very important to start with a prayer. This is letting spirit know that you are respecting and taking this work and the divination you choose to work with seriously. I have included a prayer below but any type of prayer that you are comfortable with will work.

And the following:
Call on the gods and goddesses of your choice…
I call upon you to protect me during this reading. Please surround me with millions of layers of pink unconditional love, and millions of layers of consciousness light (golden) followed by millions of layers of Archangel Michael’s royal purple light. Thank you thank you thank you.

1)Now you have set your scene and have psychic protection, you now clear the deck. This can be done in a couple of different ways but the easiest, most common would be knocking 3 times on the deck or passing your deck through incense smoke.

2) Then call in Archangel Raziel and Merlin to clear your third eye- visualize any gunk or confusion in your third eye being pulled out and sent to the light- and replaced with beautiful indigo colored and golden light and imagine this light now connecting you with the third eye of the person you are reading for.

3) Ask that everything that comes through for your client be for ‘their best and highest good’ (this way you are ensuring no wrong cards can be pulled- that all the wisdom you receive is exactly what you need to know right now.)

4) Call in Archangel Gabriel, Merlin and Raziel to help you give an accurate and insightful reading for your client that will heal, help and inspire them.

5) Now formulate the question with your client.

wicca tarot

They can ask : ‘what is it I need to know right now?’ this is a nice general reading which will give them insight about what the angels need them to know about their current life experiences.

If they wish to know exactly more about their love life, investments, career, health etc- then formulate the question to match that theme- for example- ‘what does my client (fill in their name) need to know about this investment?

*Try to avoid yes/no type questions as diving timing (the right place right time) can be tricky- and something might be good for them now- but not forever.*

6) Now that you have formulated the question, you shuffle your cards- to get your energy on them. Once you feel like you want to stop- or the cards start getting sticky then stop shuffling and hand them to your client.

7) Ask the client to shuffle (or get their energy on the cards if they can’t shuffle) and say aloud or think the question. It’s very important that they focus only on that question- otherwise the reading could be cloudy.

8) Tell them to shuffle until they feel like they want to stop- then hand the cards back to you.

9) Spread your deck in a horse-shoe shape. Then ask your client again to think of the question and pick three cards – 1 at a time- and hand them to you in the order he/she picked them.

10) The first card covers your client’s past or current influences that are behind their challenges right now.

The second card covers their present. This is the period of now- up to the next few weeks. You interpret this card by saying- this is what the angels want you to know now- your most important message for the present.

The third card is your near future- that means roughly a few weeks from now up to 3-4 months. This is what you can expect to happen.

11) Take your time to connect with the cards. Touch them, and see what messages come through. Try to link the story and themes together. It is important not to rush this process- and you can even explain to your client that you just need a moment to make sense of it. It’s better to take your time than give a rushed or inaccurate reading.


*If a card doesn’t make sense- pull another card. If you can see the client is a bit chaotic- or worried then pull the card for them- asking ‘what is it that we need to know for her/his best and highest good.’ You never want to end a reading on a bad note.*